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By Anabel | January 16, 2023

Throughout the years, we've been creating innovative solutions for homeowners, property managers, facility managers, small business owners and vacation rental hosts.

Here's a list of the full range of products we offer, across all regions worldwide:

Door Locks

  1. Mortises 

    These are common home locksets in Asia Pacific, so you'll find the full Mortise range in APAC.

    smart digital lock

     Push-Pull Mortise

    smart digital lock

    smart digital lock

    The Mortise 2 range features one with fingerprint access (Mortise 2+) and a basic model (Mortise 2) without fingerprint access.

  2. Deadbolts 

    Great as an add-on to existing doors, the deadbolt is a universal product that is sold across APAC, USA and EU regions. 

    smart digital lock

    Deadbolt 2S Metal Grey 

  3. Rim Locks 

    These locks are usually a great alternative to deadbolts. They are easy to install with minimal drilling involved. 

    smart digital lock

    As its name suggests, this is designed for glass doors. Great for use in commercial properties like shopfronts and small offices. This is available in APAC. 

    smart digital lock

    This product is only available in India. 

    smart digital lock

    Gate Lock

    Most homes in Singapore are equipped with a metal gate in front of the main door. The Gate Lock is only available in Singapore and some regions in APAC. 

  4. Retrofit Locks 

    These locks are common in the EU region, but are also versatile to fit almost any door depending on the compatibility of your existing hardware. 

    Retrofit Lock

    Our Retrofit Lock is available in EU and APAC regions. 


  1. Keybox 

    Our smart version of a lockbox. Used by property managers, vacation rental hosts and more. Great for sharing keys so there's no need for in-person handovers! 

    smart digital lock

    This is available in APAC, USA, and EU regions. 


Very little introduction needed to this product range. Most of us would have used a padlock at least once in our lives. 

  1. Padlock

    Tough nut to crack. Great for multiple use-cases to secure properties and high-value assets. Available in APAC, USA, and EU regions. 

  2. Padlock Lite

    For securing personal assets like school lockers, gym lockers etc. Available in US and EU regions. 


  1. Bridge 

    The Bridge lets you take your igloohome locks online for greater remote and interconnected capabilities. Available in APAC, USA, and EU regions. 

  2. Keypad

    Great add-on to the Retrofit Lock as an additional mode of access. Available in APAC and EU regions. 

  3. Key Fob

    Lets you unlock all your locks with just one click. Available in APAC, USA, and EU regions. 

  4. RFID tags & stickers

    All RFID credentials on our locks must be used with these tags and stickers. Only available in APAC. 

Fret not if you see something that's unavailable in your region. We're probably working on it! 

If you have any questions on how to purchase these in your country, feel free to email us at info@igloohome.co!

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