Should you go keyless?

By igloohome | May 22, 2018

Locks have been the icon of home safety for the longest time. It only makes sense for us to have one on our doors, and it acts as a strong deterrent for burglary (even though burglary doesn't just happen with a pick of the lock).

Many of us have asked ourselves these questions: have I locked my door? Where are my keys? Maybe you've experienced lockouts once in awhile because of lost keys too? Well, keyless is the new black.

A solution to these is a smart lock. Unlock your door via Bluetooth or PIN codes, or even with a scan of RFID key tags and stickers. The igloohome smart lock does all that. Gone are the days where we take the conventional road; convenience is king today.

Here's why we're not looking back:

1. Increased peace of mind


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Most smart locks are equipped with sensor re-locks. This means your door will lock itself upon closing. With igloohome, you can also set a timer for your smart lock to automatically relock itself. You don't have to manually lock your door because we've got you covered.

Tamper alarms are also alert you should your smart lock be tampered with. Apparently, Schlage Connect Smart Locks have an alarm so loud you'll definitely wake the neighbourhood up.

Traditional locks are much easier to break into, and many homeowners often conceal spare keys around the property. You don't have to spend your time sweating the small stuff with a smart lock.

Of course, you must be wondering: can't smart locks be hacked? All igloohome products work offline, making it less susceptible to hacking. You can also view access logs for greater transparency; and a greater peace of mind.

It's important to note that sometimes, burglars skip the lock altogether and break windows to enter. Vigilance is key.

2. For families with children


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If you've got young children at home, a smart lock is also handy to keep an eye on them. Allowing them to own keys means accepting the consequences in the event that they lose it someday.

igloohome Smart Locks can be unlocked via Bluetooth. With that, you are also alerted in real-time whenever someone enters your home using a Bluetooth key. You could keep tabs on your kids and be assured that they've come home once you receive the notification from the igloohome app. You could also teach the importance of security without worrying about lost keys.

In the event that your child shares the security code to the lock, simply re-pair your smartphone with it. The highly encrypted AES key will be refreshed; ensuring security is not breached.

3. Keyless Access


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Control access to your home too! The igloohome app comes jam-packed with features to do so.

Create one-time PIN codes or issue duration Bluetooth keys. A part-time housekeeper could receive a PIN code that's valid for 2 hours on a scheduled date; once the validity expires, he or she will not be able to access your home.

This feature enables you to grant remote access to your guests without the need for awkward key handovers. Be it small business owners or a vacation rental host - you'll never need to fret.  It's hassle-free so you can focus on more pressing tasks.

There is a safety aspect to this as well. Imagine leaving the gas on in your house while you're away. You could ask a neighbour for help but how would they get into your home? With a smart lock like igloohome's, you can grant access from anywhere to avoid such situations.

4. Keyless Convenience


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Like we mentioned, convenience is key today. You don't need to fumble for your keys or worry about misplacing them when you go keyless.

There's also no need for troublesome replacements or duplications in the event of a lost key. Just change the PIN code, or unpair the lost key tags!

There's no doubt the popularity of smart locks is due to the convenience it brings. If fuss-free is what you're looking for, then it's time your locks got smart.

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