How Safe is a Smart Lock?

By igloohome | April 5, 2018

There’s been much discussion on- and offline about the reliability of the newfangled smart lock. While the age-old key and lock have been keeping us safe, smart locks come packed with features to make things easier around here. So just how safe are smart locks?

Door locks are there for a reason: to keep intruders out. Keeping your home safe is of utmost importance. Your home should be a place to relax and unwind after a long day of work and play. We know how keys work, and how vulnerable they are too. A quick pick can easily let burglars into your haven and wreak total havoc. But can you trust these Internet-connected smart locks too? After all, they are susceptible to WiFi hacking or weak connectivity issues too.

The recent LockState incident had an automatic update which failed to reconnect to its web server. Many locks were bricked, affecting those who used it for businesses such as Airbnb. It showed that smart locks using WiFi were vulnerable to a host of issues that could not be resolved via a remote fix.

Going offline

Traditional locks work off the grid, so that keeps the issues of going online at bay. igloohome smart locks have the ability to work offline. The encryption technology allows for the lock to still grant access to your visitors and guests wherever you are.

At igloohome, we use AES encryption. This means that data connection between your smartphone and lock is unique and timestamped. No two other connections are the same. The data is only made valid at that point in time and expires after. Decryption keys are unique to the user account and lock; meaning your lock will be unaffected should another igloohome smart lock get hacked.

Bluetooth connection

smart digital lock

igloohome smart locks offer Bluetooth keys as a mode of access. Take note that Bluetooth requires local area connection, hacking from afar is kept to a minimal. Our latest chip enhancements have also made unlocking via Bluetooth a speedier process.

Security and convenience at your fingertips

smart digital lock

If you feel that there has been a breach of security with your smart lock, the igloohome range allows you to re-pair your smartphone to your lock. This refreshes the highly secure AES key and heightens security.

Tamper alarms are also not readily available with traditional locks. Most smart locks come equipped with this feature, alarming you if intruders try to pry the lock from the door. Security lockout modes also shut the locks down after multiple invalid PIN code attempts.

Smart locks bring a world of convenience when it comes to lost keys. There’s simply no need to change your entire lock system when a ‘delete’ button is at your fingertips. Most smart locks are mobile app-enabled, giving you a peace of mind in such situations.

Are smart locks safe at all?

Like we’ve mentioned, smart locks are jam-packed with features to assist the user. Traditional locks won’t let you grant timed PIN codes, or provide access logs to who enters the house when. You also won’t be able to revoke access when needed.

Of course, there are vulnerabilities to it too. Tech-savvy burglars are able to disengage your lock or usual brute force would work too. Just like how there are tons of lock-picking tutorials online, a burglar can simply enter your home by breaking a window.

At the end of the day, it is easy to dismiss smart locks. They may not be able to solve the obvious at the moment, but so did the iPhone. Credit cards are susceptible to forgery, yet everyone might’ve owned one at a point in time.

Smart locks don’t offer any better or worse security when compared to a traditional one. It all boils down to one question - is it suitable for you?

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