igloohome products now available at Walmart, Home Depot, Newegg and more!

By igloohome | September 25, 2017

With the current craze for smart homes, many home-related retail stores and e-commerce giants have introduced a smart home category in their product listings.

Here are igloohome's international resellers which we are very proud to introduce!

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Today, if you visit some of the biggest e-commerce websites, you might chance upon our locks.

US resellers

Photo credits: Wikimedia Commons, The Home Depot, newegg

Walmart is widely know to sell almost anything and everything. Ranging from tech products to baby products for your little bundle of joy. Being both online and offline, Walmart has blessed many with a friendly service or the best shopping experience on the Internet. If you're moving, or excited to receive the keys to your new home, why not get everything you'll need from Walmart? And that's right, everything includes getting yourself an igloohome smart lock!

The Home Depot is the world's largest home improvement retailer offering a large range of products both online and offline, making it the one stop solution for all DIY lovers out there. Want to DIY-install your very own smart lock? Install your lock in no time and grab a unit from The Home Depot.

Newegg is a leading online retailer which has earned the loyalty of many tech-enthusiasts and e-shoppers. They have put into place detailed product information, "how-tos", millions of customer reviews and high resolution photo galleries. Many have appreciated these features and they draw customers back time after time. To all loyal customers of Newegg, get ready to be blown away by their impressive service once again as you purchase our smart locks. Be impressed while shopping, and be impressed every time you enter your home.


On this little red dot, we do have a number of outlets for you to purchase our locks. Check out the list of retail stores which sells igloohome's products!

SG resellers

Photo credits: Selffix, elush retail, Safra, Hanman International Pte Ltd, An Digital Lock


Widely know as Apple's Premium Reseller in Singapore, iStudio carries the latest products and a wide range of accessories. iStudio has also included categories such as iStudio Home, where our igloobolt is listed under.


If you happen to be a DIY-kinda person and you visit Selffix regularly, check out our locks! Why not earn yourself a chance to DIY-install your very own igloo smart lock?

Selffix DIY is a household name to many Singaporeans. They carry numerous brands from all over the world to help out DIY-lovers complete their projects. Staffed with the friendliest trained personnel, they provide advice and solutions to one's household DIY needs.

Hanman International

Our locks in Hanman International are in close proximity to all you westies out there. Make a trip down to the Hanman store in the IMM building soon!

Hanman International is the authorise distributor for Samsung Digital Doorlocks & Home Automation System and igloohome too! Did you know that Hanman was the first company to introduce fingerprint verification door locks in Singapore in 2003?

An Digital Lock

Ever were you locked out of your home and had AN Digital Lock come to your rescue? Did you know they sold our igloolocks as well?

AN Digital lock believes in providing the best services and best quality door and digital locks in Singapore. Samsung, igloohome and many others have AN Digital lock as their authorised distributor.

Gain City - Sungei Kadut

Last but not least, we're in Gain City! Gain city sells almost everything you'll need at home, from small kitchen appliances, to our igloolocks. They provide aircon servicing and repairing services too! Having thoughts of revamping your home and wanting to purchase everything you'll need in one visit? Gain city @ Sungei Kadut sounds like the perfect place for you!


MY resellers

Photo credits: Häfele Malaysia, Hanman International Pte Ltd

Located really close to us in Singapore, our locks are available at our neighbour's as well. Up to date, we have 2 main resellers in Malaysia, namely Häfele Malaysia and Hanman International.

Häfele is a fast growing complete kitchen solutions provider. Established since 1993 in Malaysia, they are determined to be the go-to organisation to help you achieve your perfect kitchen. In addition to intelligent storage solutions and appliances, you may now transform your wooden kitchen door to be a little smarter now. Enter your kitchen (and home) the smart way with our smart locks!

Besides their presence in Singapore, Hanman is our authorised distributor and they distribute our locks in Malaysia as well!



Photo credits: SQUEEZE Inc.

SQUEEZE Inc. is committed to lead in the hospitality tech industry in Japan. Up to date, they have created unique management solutions for hotel, ryokan and individual property owners. To compliment their solutions, they have engaged third party organisations such as igloohome. Check out how SQUEEZE and igloohome resolve empty room problems in Japan!



Photo credits: Häfele Vietnam

Häfele has been established in Vietnam since 1998. It has since strengthened its footprint with large distribution centers in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Da Nang. Being the reliable choice for customers, they have an extensive product range, excellent delivery service and a dedicated personnel team. We're proud to inform our Vietnamese customers that our igloo locks are coming to Vietnam!

Hong Kong


Photo credits: The PLC Group

PLC stands as one of the most trusty and go-to companies when it comes to lock-ware in Greater China. After decades of experience in mechanical locks, they have recently added digital locks to their product list. igloohome is now one of the digital/smart locks in their collection of locks, door hardware and lighting.



Photo credits: CIT

C.I.T. Corporation Limited is a leading building supplier in Thailand with over a thousand sales points countrywide. They manufacture and distribute sanitary ware, gardening tools, door locks and construction hard wares. So Thai igloohomies, what are you waiting for? Grab a unit or two of our locks before the stock runs out!



Photo credits: Keywatch Systems QLD (KSQ)

Keywatch Systems QLD is a leading electronic key management specialists with over 40 years' experience in the Australian security industry. For management of homes, hotels, motels, hostels and resorts, they provide a number of access solutions. They ship to New Zealand as well. Our locks are now available down under!

United Kingdom


Photo credits: Quora

Selfridges has been the only store to be named the Best Department Store in the World three times. Accompanying its four retail stores is its online store which ships to 130 countries around the world. Indeed, as Harry Gordon Selfridges once said, "Everyone is welcome". It sells almost everything you could possible need at home. From clothes, to tech, to food and to our igloohome smart lock. The next time you visit London, feel free to grab a unit or two of our locks.



Photo credits: B+ Group

B+ Group are full services contractors and they provide simple yet reliable solutions for their customers. In line with their interest in new technology, they are our official reseller in Mexico today!


smart digital lock

Amongst our many international resellers, Indonesia stands out by introducing our very first flagship retail store in Jakarta. Make a trip down when you're there and get yourself a smart keybox or door lock! Soon, the details of the flagship store will be released! So don't forget to keep yourself updated through our mailing list and igloohome Facebook page.

Coming soon

Forging new partnerships and building on our presence overseas are essential for growth. Our igloohome products will soon be available in consumer electronics giants Best Buy and Amazon. From the world map above, you probably would have already guessed that we are expanding pretty quickly! Not that we're making you recall the entire world map from Geography class but Geography lovers would know exactly where to catch us soon. Having our products available in Canada, Europe, UAE, India, South Africa and Brazil are part of our pipeline to expand our reach.

To our igloohomies located outside of these regions, we appreciate your patience. Hopefully, we would be coming to you soon!

For partnership/distributor enquiries, please feel free to drop us an email at info@igloohome.co. We'd love to speak to you!

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