igloohome x Chekin, An Integration to Streamline Property Access for Guests

By Siddartha Butalia | December 19, 2023

At Igloohome, we are enabling seamless guest experiences by integrating our cutting-edge smart locks with an innovative solution provided by Chekin. Together, we have created an exceptional online check-in and remote access experience that is set to redefine the way guests interact with their accommodations.

With our state-of-the-art affordable hardware, we empower owners and managers of tourist accommodations to optimize their operations. Our smart locks power Chekin’s online workflows by providing guests secure, unique and temporary pincodes for the duration of their stay. No more hassle of physical keys or complicated check-in procedures. With igloohome's smart locks, guests can now enjoy a hassle-free and contactless check-in experience.

As schedules become more flexible and dynamic, the tourism industry is experiencing a shift from traditional high and low seasons to year-round occupancy by a diverse range of visitors. Consequently, vacation rental owners must adapt to manage highly dynamic and constantly changing schedules. 

The traditional process of physically handing over keys can be inefficient and detrimental to business. That's why our integration with Chekin is a perfect solution. It empowers vacation rental owners with remote access management capabilities.

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A Perfect Match

The collaboration between igloohome and Chekin has resulted in a seamless integration of both platforms, creating an accessible ecosystem of smart locks for owners and a comfortable experience for guests. This synergy provides several significant benefits:

  • Contactless Check-In: Guests can check in online through Chekin and receive access details directly in their email. Access for igloohome's smart lock is automatically activated at the start of the stay, allowing travelers to enter without delays or complications.

  • Flexible Smart Lock Hardware: Chekin users now have access to a wide range of smart lock hardware from igloohome to best suit their needs. Our Retrofit lock can be easily installed on any euro cylinder lock without the need to replace door locks. Our Keybox 3 allows hosts to provide temporary access in case they do not wish to upgrade all their traditional locks to smart ones. Finally our highly adaptable Padlock 2 is useful for securing assets such as gates, sheds and lockers. With all these solutions and more, hosts can now feel safe when securing their assets. 

  • Remote Access Management: Owners and hosts can manage access to their properties remotely. They can provide unique and temporary access codes to guests, offering greater flexibility and security in managing accommodations.

  • Operations Optimization: By automating the check-in and access process, owners can save time and resources. This allows them to focus on providing excellent customer service and improving other aspects of their business.

The integration between Chekin and igloohome is a clear example of how technology can drive innovation in the hospitality industry. By joining forces, these two leading solutions have significantly simplified the registration and access process to properties, enhancing the experience for both guests and hosts.

As technology continues to advance, we can expect more companies in the sector to join in strategic collaborations to create integrated solutions that continue to make travelers' and owners' lives easier. The future of hospitality looks exciting, and thanks to the integration between Chekin and igloohome, we are one step closer to achieving an exceptional and efficient accommodation experience.

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