Interior Design Ideas for 2018

By igloohome | August 14, 2018

There might be space limitations when it comes to housing in Singapore and as a result, we've become quite good at optimising it. After blowing a considerable amount on an apartment, we just want a place to call home - somewhere to kick our feet up and relax after a long day at work.

A great layout and design binds everything together to give you a cozy home. We've got some great designs and styles for your inspiration this year, read on to find out more!

Scandinavian Minimalist

Photo credit: Kirill Zakharov

The Scandinavian look has been a popular choice amongst new homeowners with its clean and clutter-free features. This design comprises of minimal furniture that carries adequate weight visually to pull it off well. Whites, greys and wood colours are well balanced to bring a touch of warmth into the home.

Bohemian Chic

Photo credit: Trendy Homy

Bohemian-style homes bring a feeling of lightness and airiness to its inhabitants. The incorporation of plants, wood textures and rugs capture an earthy vibe; its haphazard yet carefully curated furniture pieces come together to create a complete picture.

This theme also aims to be stylish yet quirky, making it stand out from the usual clean lines that most people opt for. Comfort is of utmost importance so choose calming paint colours and plush sofas to put together a truly bohemian home.


Photo credit: Home Adore

Somewhat similar to bohemian themes, the eclectic home allows the best of many worlds. While we're focused on marrying themes into a cohesive blend, this style can complement the various rooms in your home so that they don't appear disjointed without a flow. It also means that many patterns, textures, furniture and accessories will go well together.


Photo credit: Qanvast

A modern home exudes sophistication. Characteristics of modern interior design usually includes clean straight lines, incorporation of metal and bold accent colours, and usually adopts a minimalist appeal (e.g. free from clutter). Its a theme where form serves a function, making your home decor evergreen.


Photo credit: Home & Decor

Industrial interior design can be usually described as raw, unfinished, or warehouse-esque. It integrates neutral tones, exposed pipes and metal and wood surfaces. This theme proudly displays what most would try to conceal, adding the unfinished look to a thoughtfully designed space.

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