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By Gracia | August 14, 2023

Internships are always a special and exciting experience with iglooco. Today, we’re excited to invite Gracia Tan to share more about her recent experience as a HR Intern during her university summer break from May to July 2023!

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My internship here was truly an eye-opener and it broadened my knowledge in the Tech industry, as well as allowing me to sink deep into the nitty gritty of People & Culture.

What was it about iglooco that interested you?

As I’ve had prior internship experience in Talent Acquisition, I was determined to search for an internship that would allow me to have a broader, hands-on experience in Human Resources. I wanted to be involved in areas such as onboarding and employee engagement, etc. 

I chanced upon iglooco on LinkedIn and I went to look up their career website and was surprised to find that their webpage was pink! I really liked it as it is usually not the ‘norm’ for a tech company - this bold colour choice captured my attention. Furthermore, the employee stories and experiences gave me the impression that this was a tight-knit team with strong workplace camaraderie. As a good work environment and culture is of utmost importance to me, this pushed me to apply for the role!

What did you do during your internship? How was your experience?

Throughout my internship, I had a broad range of experiences in Talent Acquisition, Onboarding, Employer Branding & Employee Engagement/Culture, to name a few. One of the most memorable days in iglooco was when we celebrated World Emoji Day with food and emoji related games. Even though it was just a casual get together, my manager Yee Ling mentioned that it was going to be the first event in a long time ever since Covid and that it would be good to have everyone in the office to bond and interact with each other. 

I was given the opportunity to propose, plan and coordinate the logistics for this event - and as it was my first time overseeing a company-wide event, I was actually quite nervous! Thankfully, I had the encouragement and support of my team members, because I think I couldn’t have pulled off this event without them! :)

Throughout my short stint here, I was able to make new connections and interact with many igloohomies around the world! I also managed to be part of the entire recruitment process for our new joiners! From meeting them virtually to actually seeing them in real life gives me a sense of accomplishment and motivation - especially when they are a right fit for the company! 

As I got to experience these different HR functions, I had an epiphany - I realised that people are one of the most complex things to master. It takes someone special and skilled to mingle and work with people as the center of their main scope of work. I definitely have newfound respect for my team members and for those in Human Resources.

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Any final thoughts?

To my team, thank you for showing me what an independent boss lady should be like and for guiding me all the way without any judgment. All of your strong characters and problem solving mindsets will be something I will look to reference in my future; be it in school, at work or even in my personal life! 

And to future igloohomies, congratulations on finding one of the best teams to work with - you’ll definitely be learning a lot! :)

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