Our AI powered solutions on display at CES 2024

By Siddartha Butalia | January 11, 2024

This year is going to be a gamechanger for igloo, a year where we elevate seamless access to a whole new level. At CES 2024, we will be unveiling our most advanced suite of solutions that harness artificial intelligence. We’ll be showcasing our most advanced AI powered smart deadbolt with support for matter devices. Additionally, we’ll be launching a new deadbolt with fingerprint recognition on an ANSI BHMA certified platform, and algoPass - a next generation robust offline and proprietary access credential developed entirely in-house by us.

“After validating the need for robust offline access credentials in the vacation rental and sharing economies, we’ve set our sights higher looking at problems with residential, enterprise and institutional access control. We see an entirely new set of challenges that demand innovative approaches incorporating artificial intelligence on both hardware and software. We’ve applied all the lessons we’ve learned across our diverse range of customers into our new suite of offerings. The new solutions encompass our four key pillars of 2024 which are connectivity, identity, reliability & freedom.”

Anthony Chow, CEO and co-founder of igloo

Our solutions can be experienced in person at our exhibition suite located at the Venetian Tower Suite #29-120. We will be present to show our solutions between the days Jan 9th - Jan 12th 2024, and will include the following showcases. 

The Deadbolt 3S, Unlocking Freedom

A new concept lock that natively communicates with Matter devices such as smart speakers and hubs. See how you are able to seamlessly control and automate your security via a range of ecosystem products. This new deadbolt, powered by artificial intelligence on the edge, also has groundbreaking ultra wideband technology built in allowing it to see a users position in great accuracy both in front and behind the door. Additionally, we have redefined the door position sensor to provide easier installation, superior sensor performance and aesthetics. Finally we have built Siri shortcuts, voice commands, and Apple Watch gestures into the igloohome app to encapsulate our seamless access vision.


The Deadbolt 3S offers Native support for matter devices, embedded door sensor and user position system for unparalleled seamless access.

The Deadbolt Go, Simple, Smart, Secure

Our latest ANSI BHMA certified smart deadbolt incorporates fingerprint recognition to complement the already robust offline algoPIN technology. It utilizes a 360 degree fingerprint sensor allowing the user to comfortably place their fingers in almost any orientation for a more accurate and ergonomic user experience. We have also designed a universal tactile keypad to create a durable, secure and robust pin entry interface that works in the day, night, rain or snow. Furthermore, the lock will be offered in Matte Black and Satin Nickel to cater to a wide range of door hardware styles.


The latest ANSI BHMA certified smart deadbolt offering from igloo. Along with Matte Black & Satin Nickel finishes It incorporates a fingerprint reader and a universally designed tactile pin entry keypad.

The Wink

An AI-powered edge vision device seamlessly integrated with our newest credential, algoPass. Now, users can easily generate time-bound QR codes via the igloohome app or API to unlock locks, enhancing security and convenience. AlgoPass builds upon the success of algoPINs, providing a robust solution for time-bound access in offline scenarios, while offering heightened customization and shareability. Compatible with all our existing smart locks, this marks a significant advancement in usability, simplifying access control.


algoPass, the next generation time bound digital credential from igloo.

In addition to these solutions our leadership & North America teams will be present to interact and discuss the present & future of igloo with customers and partners 1-on-1. 

To stay connected with igloo’s product and technology displays, announcements, and more offered at CES 2024, follow the up-to-the-minute happenings at our CES 2024 page  and our social media channels.


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