Put a lock on it with igloohome’s newest addition - Padlock Lite

By Anabel | June 1, 2023

Tiny but mighty

If you are one of those who carry a padlock and keys for your valuables, our newest baby - Padlock Lite is made just for you! Designed  to fit in your grip and pocket, this friendly sized smart padlock unlocks seamlessly with the igloohome app via Bluetooth, fingerprint, and even your Apple watch (feature to be released in July 2023)!

Lock it like it’s hot

smart digital lock

Ever find yourself forgetting the keys to your work, school or gym lockers, and only realising it when you’re on the way? Are you tired of carrying so many keys for your lockers? 

With our new Padlock Lite, this smart and handy padlock comes in two stunning colours: Onyx Black and Ruby Red, allows you access your belongings with ease! You can unlock your lockers with a tap on the phone, or your fingerprint - it's as simple as that.

Lock and roll

smart digital lock

Thinking about the locks for your travel luggage should be the least of your worries when you are on vacation! The Padlock Lite is the perfect companion for your travel hand luggage. It's easy to use, reliable and safe. Pack your clothes and your excitement, lock it with Padlock lite and roll yourself to the airport for a relaxing holiday or even an important work trip! Traveling or should I say locking your luggage has never been easier!

Bagging security

smart digital lock

smart digital lock

You love your job or hobby that keeps you on the move, but you don't love carrying your bags or cases everywhere. You need a smart and secure solution that lets you leave your belongings behind without worrying about theft.

Whether you're a photographer, a make-up artist, an event planner or anything else that requires mobility, Padlock Lite is the perfect personal lock for you. With the Padlock Lite, you can lock up your bags or cases conveniently and enjoy your job or hobby worry-free!

Securing storage spaces

smart digital lock

Renting a few self-storage units and grappling with the hassle of physical keys? The Padlock Lite is the ultimate solution for your self-storage needs.

With the igloohome app, you can easily grant access to multiple people to the unit. This eliminates the need for duplicating and passing around physical keys, plus you can track who accessed your unit and when through the app. The fingerprint access is also particularly helpful for master access and for selected registered individuals. No more keys, no more hassle, no more worries.

If you are looking for a convenient, secure, and cost-effective way to access your self-storage unit, the Padlock Lite is a great option.

If you are still on the fence about the features and capabilities of this smart personal padlock, you can read more about it here!

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