10 Useful Singapore Websites for Home Renovation and Interior Design

By igloohome | August 19, 2016

Home renovation and interior design - they're part of every new home owner's journey. If you're getting a place of your own, you're likely to be extremely enthusiastic about it because of the independence that comes with it. At the same time, the independence may be daunting when it comes down to how and where to start to make it your home though. Getting ideas for a home design theme, drawing up your renovation budget, choosing a contractor, selecting furniture - the list of to-dos goes on.

You may be starting with a completely blank slate and need some inspiration, or you could already have an idea of what you want and are not too sure how to proceed.

We have compiled a list of 10 Singapore websites which focus on interior design and home renovation to help you out:



Photo credit: Renotalk

When we spoke to friends who were about to receive keys to their new homes, this was the first website that they recommended. It's easy to get renovation quotes for renovation packages here, and the Renotalk forum is particularly helpful for home owners to exchange tips or stories about their renovation experience. The Decor Reads section is also chockfull of pretty pictures and interesting ideas.



Photo credit: Qanvast

We really like the ease of use of Qanvast's simple layout. The interior design website is heavy on visuals, which makes it great for casual browsing. Also, under the 'Projects' tab, they provide a neat summary of each completed home, with the cost of renovation, type and size of property, number of rooms displayed, so that you can take a quick glance for comparison.



Photo credit: HipVan

If you're looking to furnish your new home, this website is definitely worth a visit. You can find furniture, bed & bath items, lighting, tableware, cookware and much more here. The photos of the products they're selling are so clean-cut, it feels like you're selecting items for a dollhouse. It makes the whole shopping experience a lot more fun. Dimensions and material used for each item are clearly listed, so it's easy for you to judge whether it'll be suitable for you.

Home & Decor Singapore


Photo credit: Home & Decor Singapore

The print version of the Home & Decor magazine has been around since the 1980s, and it's considered Singapore's leading home decor magazine. The website is a more recent addition, and is frequently updated with articles ranging from style-driven home interiors to launches of new condos. We particularly like the House Tours features, each showcasing a different home with a different feel. It was surprising to see rich European splendour in a 5-room HDB apartment in Bedok!



Photo credit: Renonation

Renonation is another major home renovation and interior design website in Singapore that makes it very convenient to get quotes on renovation packages. They organise events every once in a while too, so that you can meet up with several design firms at a go to find out more about them. Renonation's 'Designers' section lists out over 100 professionals, and you can browse through photos of their completed projects and shortlist a few.



Photo credit: SquareRooms

The SquareRooms online platform is an extension of their print magazine, and is regularly updated with exclusives that cover interior trends, solutions, inspiration and popular products. We must say their visuals are pretty sophisticated, and we particularly like the 'Inspiration' section, which spark ideas on possible themes or concepts that a home could be done up in.



Photo credit: Naiise

Naiise is heaven for hipsters. We did cheat a bit - this website is not technically about interior design, but sells itself as an online destination for original, well-designed products and daily design inspiration. Many types of products are available here, including stationery, accessories, food and so on. We were won over by the adorable furniture we spotted, which included bean bags which looked like sleeping grizzly bear cubs!



Photo credit: HomeRenoGuru

HomeRenoGuru is supposed to be a renovation marketplace for buyers and sellers. We're not that big a fan of the design of the website, as it's more functional than aesthetically pleasing, and their visuals aren't as captivating as some of the other websites (read: not as fun to browse). But they do have over 15,000 designs in their gallery, and the reviews under the 'Package Promotions' give you some benchmark of the quality of each interior designer's work.



Photo credit: Renopedia

Renopedia markets itself as a renovation encyclopedia, providing interior design tips and free quotes from design firms. Just fill in your details, which include the size of your property in sqm, type of home, renovation budget and so on and partners of Renopedia will get in touch. Renopedia also has a blog which rounds up lists of certain areas of interest, for example, tiny kitchens which are big on style.



Photo credit: id.com.sg

This web portal is pretty basic and intends to help home owners find a suitable interior designer. Don't expect too much from this site -  the rest are more visually stimulating with better writing, but you can consider this as an option if you're running low on ideas.

And so those are the 10 websites! There definitely are more this, but these are some of the more popular ones that are worth exploring. Feel free to let us know if you find any that you wish to share with other home owners in Singapore!