The First Things You Should Do To Secure Your New House

By igloohome | September 13, 2018

You've just purchased your dream house and life is good. You're looking forward to many happy years within those walls and in your yard. You are on top of the world and you should be. Purchasing a home is one of life's precious milestones.

You may not be aware of this in your current euphoric state, but things are not as rosy as they may seem. That's because, with any new house, there is some immediate work to do when it comes to home security.

No matter how good the crime rate is in your neighbourhood, it is something you have to think about. Your home's safety and that of your family is your number one priority after all.

Start With The Doors

Wooden door

You should start where many thieves begin: Your front door. This should be the first thing that you secure. Inspect your front door and then work your way through all of the rest of the doors in your home. Check that the frames are solid, the hinges and make sure that it is all solid wood, not hollow.

Installing a smart lock can also help in securing your home. The Deadbolt 2S or Mortise comes jam-packed with security features to grant you a peace of mind.

Tamper alarms alert you should anyone try to pry the lock off your door, while security lockout mode ensures no one can access your door once everyone is home. Additionally, decoy PIN codes are available so you won’t have to worry about people remembering the password to gain entry. Access logs also give you an overview of who has unlocked your door via the different modes.

Next, Secure Your Windows

Table near window

Just because your windows have latches, that doesn't mean they are strong. Many break easily or don't latch correctly. You want to replace them with the locking variety. If they require a key, that's even better. Windows are a favorite entry point for thieves and one of the first things they test for forced entry. It pays to secure them

Make Friends With The Neighbors

smart digital lock

Your neighbours are one of the most valuable security tools there is. Make friends with as many as you can and they will look out for you, knowing that you are doing the same in return. When you are away they can collect your mail so that it doesn't stack up, alerting thieves that you are gone. You can never have too many eyes on your home.

Talk To Your Local Police

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Depending on where you live, some police officers will be friendly enough to offer you some great home security tips if you ask them. They are the experts since they catch the criminals, so they know how thieves think and operate. Plus, it never hurts to make friends with the local police.

Clean Up Hiding Spaces

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Is your yard cluttered with bushes? Maybe you have thick growth near the house. Areas like this are where thieves like to hide while they are casing your home or testing windows. It's a good idea to keep things tidy. Trim your trees regularly as well as bushes.

Get a security Sign For Your Front Yard

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If you want to scare potential burglars, a security sign is a good way to do it. You can buy fake ones, but if you do, make sure they look good. Otherwise, you may be able to find a real sign that someone is not using. Thieves don't want to chance tripping any alarms.

Install Decorative Lights Outside

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To help deter nighttime burglaries, illuminating your home and landscaping with decorative lighting is a good way. Burglars don't want to be seen and these lights help to blow their cover. You can install lights in both your front and backyard for maximum effect.

Invest In A Real Home Security System

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But as soon as you can, in addition to all of these other tips, you should buy a home security system. Every home should have one. Take a look at several home security system reviews and see which one fits your needs.

New homeowners have to think about keeping that dream house safe and secure. It has been shown that burglars are deterred by the mere presence of an alarm system.

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