Sustainable & Smart Homes: Trends that will dominate in 2019

By igloohome | February 11, 2019

In the face of rapid climate change and diminishing natural resources, every industry under the sun is trying to make amends by adapting and introducing smarter, greener options for contemporary home owners. We are doing our best to reduce our carbon footprint in every step of the production and design process, to opt for durable items that are in line with our long-term needs, and to choose green over nature-harming materials.

To that end, our homes have become a reflection of that attitude, and with the introduction of smart and sustainable elements, you can transform your home from an unsustainable dwelling into a truly eco-friendly space. The following are the five most predominant trends that will reshape 2019 and give you a pool of design solutions that will resonate with your green values.

Energy and water efficiency

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Some of the choices you make may not have a direct effect on the aesthetic on your home, but they will certainly contribute to protecting the environment. One water-conserving faucet at a time, for example, can turn into gallons of saved water on an annual basis for a single household. Look for appliances such as your washing machine, your dishwasher, and your toilet, that have distinct energy-efficiency labels, so that you know you’ve made the best choice for your home.

On the other hand, did you know that a typical home is responsible for 14 tons of greenhouse gases annually? Approximately 50% of that comes from electricity consumption, which means that opting for renewable energy sources such as solar panels would significantly reduce the issue. Nowadays, they are becoming increasingly more affordable for regular households, so it’s a worthy investment in the long-run.

Safety measures front and center


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Definitely one of the smartest solutions this year will see is the usage of smart lock systems for better, more seamless protection of your home. The old-fashioned approach of using keys alone is certainly not advanced enough to maintain the proper level of security in the modern household. This is where you can integrate new, tech solutions together with your traditional set of keys and combine convenience with sleek design.

The vast majority of these modern locks are not just beautifully designed, but they work well with different apps and AI systems such as Amazon Alexa or Echo. However, if you’re prepared to make a more sizeable investment into your home safety, which is highly recommended in this day and age, you can also choose to replace your standard doors with those made of sturdier, more long-lasting materials for an added layer of security.  If you intend on purchasing several smart locks, igloohome offers discounts on bulk purchases. Submit your contact details here for more information.

Smart and functional furniture

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The perfect example that tech is not the only personification of all things smart and green is the use of smart furniture such as modular sofas that are perfect for homes of all sizes. Their beauty and multi-purpose usage allow you not only to adapt their look to the architecture of your home, but they also come with smart storage options and built-in smart pockets for a range of useful gadgets.

For instance, you can use a LED reading lamp to avoid using the main lights in the entire room, or place your phone on the wireless charging table. You can transform the sofa into a bed for your overnight guests, and the hidden storage compartments let you avoid adding unnecessary cabinets and shelves.

Lighting gone green

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If you have decided to lower your energy consumption and consequently your energy bill, you also need to consider how you illuminate your home. Many homeowners stick with the standard incandescent bulbs that not only last briefly compared to the powerful LED lights, but they also put plenty of strain on the electricity grid. LED lights can last approximately 25,000 hours, which means you’ll save time as well as money if you switch to LED bulbs for your entire home.

The first LED bulbs did not offer so many options as they do today. You can now choose between warmer and cooler tones, and the modern LED bulbs can also be dimmed if need be. They come in a wide range of different shapes, so that you can use them with every type of lighting you have, from chandeliers, to spotlight bulbs, and cone lighting.

Automation and greater control

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Your smart locks are not the only aspect of your home that can offer a more seamless experience. In fact, in the interest of smarter energy usage and improved efficiency, homes in 2019 will switch to many different systems that ensure automation and customised energy use. A great example is the usage of smart, app-controlled and automatic thermostats that will not only help you cut down on your utility bills, but also spend significantly less energy on a daily basis.

The same applies to introducing smart power strips that are meant to help you reduce the energy you’re not even aware you’re using: your TV and other devices on stand-by mode may seem like they’re off, but they’re actually still wasting too much electricity.

These are just some among many green-focused trends that will take over the spotlight in home design of 2019. Make sure to introduce some of them into your home, and you will quickly start seeing the benefits and help turn your home into a more earth-friendly residence.

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