Keybox 2: When & Where To Use It

By igloohome | July 7, 2018

If you've been following us for awhile, you'll know that we have a Keybox. The igloohome Keybox was designed with the short-term vacation rental host in mind. Meant as your 24/7 receptionist, it eliminates the hassle of key handovers at awkward timings of the day.

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If you're new to this, allow us to break it down for you:

What's a Keybox?

The Keybox is essentially a lockbox (or a mini safe). It is used as a secure storage space for keys, cards and the like for easy retrieval. No door alteration is needed as the igloohome Keybox can be shackled onto firm structures or mounted on a wall. Unlike conventional lockboxes, smart lockboxes are definitely more convenient.

It's best used when you need to grant access to a shared space. That's why we're the preferred partner of home-sharing platforms like Airbnb, HomeAway and BookingSync.

The igloohome Keybox 2

smart digital lock

We've recently released the Keybox 2, and it's a definite upgrade from its predecessor.

A must-have item for rental hosts, property owners and property managers of shared spaces, the Keybox 2 ensures that key exchanges are a hassle-free experience.

This time, it comes with dual shackles for maximum versatility. Shackle it onto your doorknob or a door handle, the two shackle sizes allow the Keybox 2 to fit most firm structures. Or simply mount it onto a wall!

In addition to that, it also has improved resistance to the elements! IP65 certified, the Keybox 2 can withstand light rain and dust. Its hardened carbon steel material also improves durability and resistance to impact.

Just like the predecessor, the Keybox 2 can be unlocked via PIN codes or Bluetooth keys. You'll also be able to grant remote access with the accompanying igloohome app.

Besides its obvious benefits, we thought we'd share instances where the Keybox 2 may come in useful too:

To manage shared spaces

smart digital lock

As discussed here, the sharing economy is on the rise. From offices to homes, and even bicycles, there are many use cases for the Keybox 2.

With many people sharing the same apartment or office space, it's sometimes a headache for the property manager to manage access. People are trying to do more with less, and the Keybox 2 is a great solution and integration to these shared spaces.

Forget issuing physical keys to different people all the time! Simply place the keys inside the Keybox 2. Those with approved access are able to retrieve the keys with their unique PIN code or Bluetooth keys when they need to. Intuitive and convenient, using the Keybox 2 is a breeze!

Property managers are able to track who has unlocked the Keybox 2 with access logs too. Talk about convenience!

To avoid pesky shift handovers

smart digital lock

Anyone who has done retail or F&B know that shift handovers are a nightmare. Especially so when the store only has one key.

Usually, staff handling the closing shift will have to do the following morning's shift too. Or even make a trip down just to hand over the keys to the door. Or have you found yourself waiting outside the store because a colleague with the key was late?

The Keybox 2 resolves this pesky issue. Mount the Keybox 2 onto a wall next to shop's main entrance, and leave the keys inside! The mechanism results in increased flexibility when it comes to employee scheduling and greater efficiency. A win-win for everyone!

To store cash or cheques for easy retrieval

smart digital lock

The Keybox 2 is spacious enough for 6 physical keys or 7 keycards. Well, dollar bills or cheques will fit too.

An existing customer gave us the idea when he said he used our Keybox to do so! If you're in a situation where you can't pass items like cash to another party on a frequent basis, perhaps the Keybox 2 is your solution.

Said customer owns a small restaurant that requires daily deliveries from his suppliers. While he only opens at 8 A.M., some deliveries occur between 6 A.M. to 7 A.M. When it's time for the deliverymen to collect the monthly payment, he simply places the cheque or cash in specific Keyboxes the night before. He then creates and sends a PIN code to the designated deliverymen to have them retrieve payment!

It's convenient and efficient for his operations. If you're worried about the Keybox 2 being tampered with, it has been through rigorous testing to withstand 305kg of force.

Where can you place your Keybox?

You can be assured that the Keybox 2 will keep your items safe. Portable and without the need for door alteration, there are endless options to shackle to or mount your lockbox on


If you're a rental home host, the mailbox might be an option. Even better if it's an eye-catching colour, so your guests won't miss it:

You could also leave instructions on how to use the Keybox 2 for guests! If you require printouts, we've got you covered.

Metal Gates

For homes in Southeast Asia, you may come across these metal gates that protect your main wooden door. The Keybox 2 can be shackled onto them like so:

smart digital lock

Knobs & Handles

Or how about shackling it directly onto doorknobs and handles?  

smart digital lock

smart digital lock

Firm Structure

Because of its improved resistance to the elements, you could even shackle the Keybox 2 onto a railing or fence (of course, only if it makes sense in the situation):

smart digital lock

There's also the option of mounting it onto a wall. The Keybox 2 comes with mounting screws so you can easily drill it in!

smart digital lock

The list of locations isn't exhaustive. With all these use cases and potential shackling locations, it is truly designed for the home rental hosts, business and property owners in mind. You might be surprised at how convenient key handovers are when you use the igloohome Keybox 2!

If you're keen on knowing more about the Keybox 2, click here.

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