Smart locks benefits - Sequential Unlock

By Anabel | January 16, 2023

What is Sequential Unlock?

Sequential unlock is the ability to unlock multiple locks in sequences. This means that when you unlock your gate lock via an authorized mode of access (PIN code, fingerprint, RFID), the lock linked to that gate lock will also unlock!

Why Sequential Unlock?

Imagine just having to scan your fingerprints or card once, and you get through two doors! Think about the possibilities of unlocking efficiency and the time saved… For example, you may be coming home with arms full of grocery bags and all you have to do is to scan your fingerprint or RFID card once, and you get through both your gate and door!
Talk about bringing smart locks up to the next level!

How to activate and start using it?

If you have bought the locks recently, we are pretty sure the firmware is up to date and the installer would have sync it up for you.

But if you are an existing loyal customer who bought igloohome smart locks previously (before Dec 2022), fret not - you can enjoy this feature too! When attempting to set up Sequential Unlock, you will see this page if your Gate Lock (RM2 or RM2F) is on older firmware.

smart digital lockSchedule an appointment with your local installers to upgrade your firmware! For more information on how to do so, you can read more here

igloohome products that can be linked for Sequential Unlock

smart digital lockWhat are you waiting for? Update your firmware and take advantage of this fuss-free and cool new feature now!

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