We’ve updated the igloohome app to version 2.0.9! Our latest app release brings with it a sleeker interface with improved intuition and accessibility functions, we’ve also streamlined and reorganised many aspects for a better experience.

A fresher faster login experience

                          New App                                  vs.                                    Old App

newappfront  oldappfront       

Upon entering the app, you’ll see the effects of the update. We’ve optimised performance of the login page to create a smooth experience right from the get-go. 

Re-categorising access  

                       New App                                    vs.                                   Old App

newappaccess    oldappaccess

We’ve moved from issuing profile-based access to allowing you to select an access type at a much simpler and cleaner UI. The new igloohome app update removes arbitrary categories for a simpler and smarter process of issuing access to your guests, friends and family.

Analysing data is the key to security

                       New App                                    vs.                                    Old App

newapplogs    oldapplogs

An advantage of integrating technology into your living experience is the ability to collect and analyse data about your home. With igloohome this comes in the form of knowing exactly when by whom your lock was accessed by. With its improved date and timezone grouping, the newest edition of the app helps you to better understand exactly when your lock has been accessed for greater security and peace of mind.

Cut the queue with fewer steps to pairing

When you buy an igloohome lock, you want to have it operational as soon as possible. The less time you spend setting up your lock, the faster you have access to the convenience of a smart lock enabled life. The new user interface slices the number of steps it takes to pair your lock down to three and provides an overview of where you are in the process at each step.


Minimising the main menu

                          New App                                 vs.                                  Old App

newappsidebar    old app side bar

In keeping with the overall UI refinement of this update, we have merged the FAQ section of the main menu into the support button to reduce the number of menu icons down to five.

faq new app

Now when you need help with your igloohome lock, the support tab provides you with easy and organized access to various documentation platforms such as iglohhome’s youtube channel and website. You can also ensure your app is up to date with the version clearly stated at the bottom. 

A faster unlock

                          New App                                 vs.                                  Old App

new app UI    old app ui

The primary purpose of the igloohome app is to manage the lock state of your igloohome device. Small changes to the UI often go a long way in better reflecting the primary purpose of the app in its design and make the mobile experience better for you.

resized button

With the simple resizing of the unlock button in the update to 2.09 we bring to you a more focused user interface to get you closer to accessing your smart lock’s full potential.

The app has been released on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Make sure you update yours today!

Click to download the app for iOS.
Click to download the app for Android.

About the Author
As a self-professed computer science fanatic, Harsha enjoys spending his time checking out up-and-coming smart technologies that will revolutionise the way the world works. 

Having faced lock-out situations for a couple of years, Cherry has sworn off keys (and alcohol). She is an avid follower of tech that prevents said situation.