Valentine's Day Gift Guide

By igloohome | February 10, 2020

With Valentine’s day around the corner, there's no doubt that many are feeling the pressure to get the perfect present for loved ones this year. Tired of gifting standard roses and chocolates? Strive to do better this year and sweep your partner off their feet with a gift as unique as your relationship.

We've scoured some of the most unique and unforgettable Valentine's Day gifts, that’ll be sure to stand out among the traditional long-stemmed roses.

There's something for everyone in our ultimate guide, but one thing holds true for each and every item: they'll be sure to wow your significant other.

1. Custom Couple Mugs


Credit: Carousell SG

A fan of couple wear? You’ll love this one. The perfect gift for any couple that likes to match: a pair of his-and-hers cups for sipping your morning tea together.

Personable and practical, unleash your inner creativity with this gift! The cups can include a photo of the both of you or perhaps a hand-written design, the possibilities are endless. Not to mention, this can be done under 30 dollars!

Yes, there are plenty of readily available, beautifully designed mugs in the market, but if you really want to go all out this Valentine's, we suggest you design one yourself!

2. Weighted Blanket


Credit: Costco

Weighted blankets exploded in popularity last year, and with good reason! This miracle worker reduces anxiety and helps to promote better sleep. They're stuffed with small objects like beads of polypropylene plastic or glass, hence, the extra added weight that allows it to gently envelope the user.

Studies have shown that this soft pressure reduces the human stress hormone, cortisol, and gives the user feelings of safety relaxation and comfort. They also alleviate symptoms of insomnia and ease chronic pain conditions.

There’s no better way to show you care about their well-being than with this innovative product!

3. Jar of date ideas


Credit: Interwebs

Has your partner been complaining that you’re too predictable or boring? Maybe you’ve been going out to the same few places every date night? We’ve all been there.

Time to introduce some excitement to your weekly date nights with a jar of date ideas. The best part is, it’s completely free and easy to make. Unleash your inner creativity with this thoughtful gift, you can fill the jar up with ideas on paper or write them on ice-cream sticks and decorate the jar however you wish!

Here's an idea: color-code your date ideas by category - indoor dates/outdoor dates, savvy/splurging dates and out-of-the-house dates.

4. Long Distance Touch Lamps


Credit: Pinterest

This one’s for all our long distance couples out there. We know long distance can be rough but we’ve got a gift that’ll make this less than perfect situation a little better. A set of long-distance lamps!

With these lamps, you simply touch to say hello to the person you love. A cute, unique and personable way to keep indirectly in “touch” with your loved one that lives across the globe. Among the thousands of ways to keep in touch, this alternative really stands out.

These lamps come in a variety of prices, are easy to set up and possess many different features (adjusting colors, brightness and duration)!

An ideal way of telling your loved ones that you’re thinking of them, no matter how busy your schedule may be.

5. Bake something!


Credit: Pinch of Yum

You know what they say, a way to a man's heart is through his stomach! And this applies for the ladies too! Forget the chocolates, there's nothing more endearing and thoughtful than a home-made dessert.

The best part is, you don't have to be an expert chef to dabble in baking, anyone with an oven can do this at home. If you're a beginner, start with more simple desserts like cookies or cupcakes and decorate them to personalise the gift for your sweetheart.

There are tons of Valentine's day recipes online for you to choose from, so roll your sleeves up and start baking.

6. Classic gift with a twist

smart digital lock

What fun would it be to just give your sweetheart his/her gift without a challenge? If your partner loves a good head-scratcher, this one’s for you. Here’s our idea: hide your gift in the igloohome Keybox 3.

If you’re fretting over what to put in there, not to worry, the Keybox 3 comes with ample space, large enough for you to put small gifts: like watches, jewelry, small cards, you get the idea.

Since the Keybox 3 can be opened with a PIN code, get your partner to guess the PIN code. You can make this mini-game more personal and meaningful by making the code a date that is significant to the both of you.

This simple twist transforms an otherwise ordinary gift exchange into a more exciting and fun one. You know what they say, the best things in life are earned, not given!

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