Valentine's Day Ideas from igloohome

By igloohome | February 7, 2017

Valentine’s Day in just around the corner and love is in the air… The igloohome team isn’t immune to Cupid, and our imaginations have been running wild recently in anticipation of the special day.

While it's true that our locks and keyboxes aren’t all hearts and kisses, it doesn't mean that they can't be used in creative ways to get romantic.

So here are some lovey-dovey Valentine's Day ideas for you (some wackier or cheesier than others, we must admit):

smart digital lock

  1. Terrible pick-up line suggestion - You have the permanent PIN to my heart. Or okay, if that's too cringe-worthy - Here's the permanent PIN to my place.

  2. Slipping the ring into her (or his) wine glass? Placing it in a bouquet of flowers? Too common. Keep it in a Keybox then!

Here's how it plays out:

Secure the Keybox in a place that's meaningful to the both of you. Disappear quickly. Send the PIN code over to her (or him) and watch from a safe distance. Let her open the Keybox. Hear her gasp. She's found the ring! Time for you to make your dramatic entrance and get down on one knee.

We know the Singaporean cliche. Shall we apply for an HDB flat? Too predictable. We have an alternative: Shall we get an igloohome?

  1. Ahh the idea of love locks. You see them everywhere - in Seoul, in Paris (okay no longer in Paris), and many other countries. Symbols of everlasting, unbreakable love.

How about engraving your names on a Keybox instead? (Disclaimer: this is not a service we provide as of now, but we're doing something special for Vday - see bottom of this post for details.) Now you have something customised for the both of you, and it's definitely more useful than a padlock that is purely ornamental.

  1. Letter writing was once commonplace during courtship. Make it a modern day romance. Leave letters for each other in a Keybox. Only the 2 of you in the whole wide world can open it. How sweet.

smart digital lock

To spice things up a bit, create limited-time PIN codes for your other half to retrieve the letters (just 2 hours for her to find out what your heart-felt feelings are!).

  1. Feeling like you need a bit of company on Valentine's Night? Create a Bluetooth key, scroll down your list of WhatsApp contacts and randomly send it to someone. You wouldn't even need to craft the awkward message.

So that's what we have to share! If you're a die-hard romantic, feel free to share your ideas with us.

And because the igloohome team is in the mood for love, we will soon be giving away igloohome Deadbolts 02 for Valentine's Day! Details will be released on our Facebook page shortly. Giveaway open to Singapore and USA residents.

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