We're integrated with Minut smart home monitoring system

By igloohome | July 16, 2021

We're proud to share that igloohome and Minut have completed our integrations between our locks and their smart home monitoring systems for you to easily manage your vacation and short-term rentals in the new normal!

As the world continues to carry on in spite of the pandemic, we understand the need for contactless access and remote management of properties. There are clear signs pointing to a global post-pandemic travel boom and analysts are optimistic about the rental market growth. That's why Minut and igloohome have come together to offer hosts a better, more efficient way to check-in guests and more.

The integration makes it simpler for users, allowing them to unlock their igloohome locks from the Minut web or mobile app. When the guests arrive at their rental, Minut will notify the host so they know that the check-in has been completed. This way, all manual work from the check-in process is removed, making it more time-efficient and less error-prone.

Both igloohome and Minut are well equipped to help hosts and guests have a better rental experience. Apart from noise control, property damage, and deterring intruders, we're positioned to further enhance contactless access and security to lower the risk of the spread of the virus without physical key exchanges.

If you know anything about the Swedish tech company, you'll know that Minut's a global leader in the home monitoring space. They offer smart home sensors that lets you monitor your property from wherever you are. From occupancy and noise levels to motion tracking and temperatures within your home, their sensor does it all! It's ideal for vacation rentals as they are partners with Airbnb, and integrate with platforms such as BookingSync, Smoobu, Guesty and more.

With igloohome's smart locks and Minut's smart home sensors, we aim to provide top-notch experiences. This is sure to delight hosts and guests alike, and encourages high ratings from guests. Additionally, smart locks ensure greater security. There’s no need to worry about misplaced keys, or past occupants accessing the property without authorisation!

Create a world without keys with us today!