Unlocking freedom with the Bridge

By igloohome | July 1, 2022

igloohome Bridge

Time is precious. We know that, that's why we'd like to help you save precious minutes to focus on what's important to you. Forget key handovers, or rushing home just to let someone in. The Bridge will help you do just that with a tap of a button.

There's so much more you can do on the go once you've linked the Bridge to your igloohome locks.
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Get your Bridge at just an additional $50 (U.P. $109) when you opt for a gate and door lock bundle. Simply select the options with a Bridge on the store when you checkout.

Unlock your door remotely

smart digital lockOne of the greatest pleasures in life is convenience. We've made access sharing easy with the igloohome mobile app and thought, "let's bring it one step further!"

How? With the Bridge, of course! Just one tap on your app will send a signal to the Bridge, it'll then unlock the door via Bluetooth without you being near your property at all! Think of all the possibilities here - knowing a friend has arrived at your doorstep and instead of having them key in a PIN code or using RFID credentials, you can simply unlock the door for them from your office or wherever you are! There's no fuss, or worries about having to let anyone in whenever you're not around.

It's also simpler than issuing a new PIN code for a one-time entry, isn't it?

Stay in the loop

Now that you've let people into your home, how do you keep tabs on your security?

smart digital lockWell, the Bridge is your 24/7 informant.

smart digital lockYou'll receive notifications on your locks' statuses, get alerts when it's time to replace batteries, and even view activity logs on the go! Without the Bridge, you'll have to do a Bluetooth sync within proximity to retrieve such information. It's especially useful for those who rarely unlock their door via the igloohome app.

Create & revoke access

Ever passed someone a key and never got it back? Perhaps they lost it, or you never meant for them to gain access to your personal space in the first place? What a terrible headache it is to have to change your entire lockset!

smart digital lockWith the Bridge, you can simply delete a created PIN code, a registered fingerprint and RFID credential immediately. The lock receives the command via Bluetooth from the Bridge, meaning you won't have to be within proximity to ensure these unauthorized modes of access are still being used while you're away.

You can create custom PIN codes from wherever you are. There's no need for you to use Bluetooth to do this, again, the lock receives the new PIN code you've chosen from the Bridge once you create it on the app. Talk about fuss-free living!

Let us do the work

igloohome Bridge on the wall

We'll take care of your access needs. All you have to do is relax.

Take advantage of the 50% promotion right now. Shop here.

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