WiseIngress: An advanced access control & reservation platform with igloohome smart locks

By Siddartha Butalia | May 2, 2024

Wiseingress with igloohome smart locks

WiseIngress is a web and mobile-based complete access control and reservation system designed to make entry contactless and efficient. WiseIngress allows business owners and facility managers to securely manage shared amenities, spaces, and tools.

Whether it’s a party room, a swimming pool, a gym, a meeting room, a delivery box, a library room or a toolbox, WisIngress empowers managers to efficiently manage and oversee how end users schedule bookings and access amenities. With a shared goal of giving managers the power to share securely, anytime and anywhere, WiseIngress partnered with igloohome for over five years to offer a complete access control system that is not limited to any specific type of business. Any business that wants to use the WiseIngress platform has a wide range of hardware and software features to choose from, based on their needs. As their slogan says, "Once it's sharable, we can make it reservable."

Wiseingress with igloohome smart locksWiseingress with igloohome smart locks

What we did for them

WiseIngress offers a user-friendly web and mobile-based reservation and access control system that is integrated with igloohome’s innovative lock hardware. Both offline and online remote management are available depending on customer requirements.

Below are some use case applications of the WiseIngress solution for further reading. 

Meeting & Party Room Reservations

Vacation Rental Management

Gym & Workout Facilities

Self Serve Office Spaces

Vehicle & Car Sharing

Construction & Job Sites

Real Estate & Self Showings

Unmanned Delivery & Collection Boxes

Smart Locker Solutions

Exterior Gate Access Management

WiseIngress was able to easily integrate our igloodeveloper API/SDK into their own in-house management ecosystem. Once end users complete their bookings or request admission on the WiseIngress platform, access will be automatically generated with a PIN Code or a Bluetooth key. After the validity period of the PIN Code or Bluetooth key is over, the lock will revoke access automatically to ensure security for the shared amenities, shared spaces or tools. To get more information and to book a demo please visit https://wiseingress.io

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