Best Smart Mortise Locks of 2018

By igloohome | July 15, 2018

Convenience and a peace of mind are just some of the numerous benefits of going keyless. If you're looking to replace your entire lock cassette, then mortise locks are the way to go. They usually come with a handle attached so there is no need for separate installations.

For beginners, a mortise lock requires a rectangular pocket to be cut into the door for the lock to fit in. Get to know the basics of door locks before making the switch.

While we've shown you a few of the best smart locks previously, they were a mix between deadbolts and mortises. If you've got your heart set on a mortise, we've got you covered. We've scoured the net to find the best smart mortise locks of 2018

Here are the ones to consider:

Latch M


Photo Credit: Gadget Flow

Modes of Access:

Access PINs, Bluetooth key, Smart Cards, Traditional key

USP (Unique selling point):

Built-in camera, Web-based management console (access staff audit trails), timed access

Why we like it:

Looking for a Smart mortise lock for your business? The Latch M Series might be a good fit, and is exclusively sold to businesses. It offers keyless access with an array of options but goes the extra mile in terms of security. The built-in camera automatically records anyone who approaches the Latch M. Photographic audit trails are available for your viewing access to give you an increased peace of mind.

Fully equipped with the ability to manage everything on the accompanying software, the Latch M also comes with an app and web-based console to access audit trails.

Those with admin rights can also grant access for a selected amount of time via the app. Simply create an access code and let the app do the rest.

Designed to be integrated seamlessly with any door, the Latch M comes in black, silver and gold. Designed for businesses it is a tad bit on the pricier side, but nonetheless, a great tool for property managers.

Yale Conexis L1


Photo Credit: Amazon UK

Modes of access:

Bluetooth Key, RDIF tags, cards, phone tags


Twist and turn function, Z-wave compatible

Why we like it:

Designed with the European homeowner in mind, the Yale Conexis L1 is suitable for cylinder lock systems.

It'll fit most doors that possess a five-point locking system which is commonly found in UK and Europe. Perfect for those who love the sleek and minimalistic look, the lock comes with a pair of chrome-plated handles to add pizzazz to any door.

They've added a fun touch to unlocking the Conexis too. With its unique Twist&Go function, simply touch the lock to enable Bluetooth and twist your smartphone 90 degrees to unlock your door. Other modes of access include RFID tags and more.

You can issue digital keys to family and friends as well. The lock allows you to track the comings and goings through the accompanying app.

Make your Conexis Z-wave compatible by purchasing an additional module. With this, you can take home automation to the next level. The module allows your lock to be connected to leading smart home systems like Samsung SmartThings and more.

Ultraloq UL3 BT


Photo Credit: Amazon

Modes of access:

Fingerprints, Access PINs, Bluetooth key, Physical key


Fingerprint access, Anti-peep technology, Bluetooth low energy, knock to open feature

Why we like it:

If you're looking for a Smart mortise lock with fingerprint access, The Ultraloq is a great option. It's jam-packed with features considering its affordable price.

Its access modes include biometrics, Bluetooth keys, access PINs and physical keys. The lock allows an enrolment of up to 95 fingerprints too. Naturally, you may be worried that it may not work as well with elderly or children when it comes to fingerprinting. The Ultraloq has been tested; and can identify and grant access in less than 0.5 seconds.

With anti-peep technology, rest assured that no one will watch and memorise your PINs. Just like fingerprint enrolment, the lock can store up to 95 codes.

The most impressive feature might be the 'Knock to open' function. Simply tap your phone to unlock your door, all while your phone is still in your pocket. Of course, you will need to be in Bluetooth range for this function to work seamlessly.

igloohome Mortise

smart digital lock

Modes of access:

Access PINs, Bluetooth key, RFID Tags/Stickers, Physical key


Works offline, Airbnb Integration, Timed access, Affordable

Why we like it:

Here's a mortise lock that works as well as it looks. The igloohome Mortise works offline to increase security. This means no WiFi hacking and not being susceptible to weak WiFi connectivity issues.

It works with innovative technology involving encryption and synchronisation with your smartphone. There is no need for an Internet connection for your Mortise to function. Furthermore, you can use a myriad of access modes to unlock your doors such as PIN codes, Bluetooth keys, RFID key tags and stickers or physical backup keys in case of emergencies.

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You can also grant access remotely. Issue PIN codes or Bluetooth keys via the accompanying app from anywhere in the world; your guest will be able to gain access into your home without you being near your property or lock.

All igloohome products allow Airbnb hosts to synchronise their listing calendars to the locks. PIN codes are automatically created for guests, making it ideal for vacation rental hosts and everyday homeowners alike.

Who said Mortise locks had to be bulky and industrial-looking? The igloohome Mortise has a universal design that's sleek and clean.

The best part? Its one of the best Smart locks out there to give you bang for your buck. Perfect for homeowners or short-term vacation rental hosts alike, its myriad of available features guarantees optimisation of convenience for an affordable price.

Samsung SHP-DP728


Photo Credit: Surveillance Zone

Modes of access:

Fingerprints, Access PINs, Bluetooth key, RFID Tags, Physical key


Push-pull concept, auto wake up feature

Why we like it:

The Samsung SHP series markets itself as the world's first smart lock with a push-pull concept.

Taking convenience to the next level, they've incorporated the roller mortise system into this smart lock. The unique push-pull mechanism ensures that it's easy for you to open the door. Perfect if you have your hands full, you can simply push the door to let yourself in after unlocking it.

With 5 modes of access, it comes with an app that allows instant unlocking via Bluetooth too. Real-time notifications are available to track door locking activities and access logs as well.

The 'Auto Wake Up' feature is an albeit small but thoughtful function. The LED lights of the Samsung SHP keypad immediately lights up as you move closer to the door, without even having to touch it. A warning tone goes off if someone hovers around your door lock for over a minute too.

Lastly, it comes equipped with IR sensors to detect suspicious movement. It'll also prompt you to press 2 random numbers before your actual PIN code to prevent anyone nearby from seeing and memorising it.

This smart lock is definitely on the pricier side but may be seen as an investment if you don't mind spending for these features.

There is never one size fits all, weigh the pros and cons to see which smart mortise best suits you.

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