Hassle-free car-sharing experience with the Keybox 3

By igloohome | May 19, 2020

While many of us are familiar with lockboxes being used in the real estate industry, there's a plethora of other use-cases where they come in handy too.

Take Skipperi for example, a Finnish company that facilitates boat sharing. They've incorporated the igloohome Smart Keybox to make the sharing process much simpler, safer and faster.

With the rise of vehicle-sharing services globally, car-sharing does not come as a surprise. In fact, it's an evolution from car rental services.


Credits: Turo

Platforms like Turo act as a marketplace for people to book nearby cars and hosts can earn extra income to offset the costs of car ownership.

The main access to the car still requires a key or fob and that's where the Keybox 3 comes in handy.

Hosts can simply store the car keys in the Keybox 3 for hassle-free key exchanges in these situations. Guests can easily retrieve them with a time-sensitive PIN code without the need for physical handovers.

If the guest has requested to pick up the vehicle at awkward timings, hosts won't have to worry. The PIN code can be generated and sent to the recipient in advance. No need for mindless waiting!

What's more convenient is that the Keybox 3 is designed for portability. Hosts can shackle it or mount it depending on their needs.

If you're worried about tampering, you'll be assured to know that the Keybox 3 has gone through rigorous testing against tampering.

It's shackles can withstand up to 305kg of force and is built for durability. Check out the specifications here.

There's also double the interior space to comfortably store more than just car key fobs.

smart digital lock

Designed for hassle-free sharing experiences, the Keybox 3 is versatile in its use cases. If you're using your lock box in unconventional instances, we want to know too!

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