Smart Home Gadgets that work as well as they look

By igloohome | July 9, 2018

It is without a doubt that smart home gadgets are here to stay. While we love the functionality of these gizmos, they aren't all created equal in terms of aesthetics.

Sometimes little thought is spared for design. Think bulky hubs with numerous cords sticking out; we certainly don't want that to stand out as the main attraction of the room!

So we scoured the net for functional yet beautiful smart home gadgets. Here are some that effectively fused form and function to us, it's time to optimise your home without sacrificing style:

Router: Google Onhub


Photo Credit: OnHub Maker

We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw the Google OnHub from TP-Link. Aren't these routers meant to be left in a corner, tucked away from guests?!

These quirky designs reject that traditional notion. Created with the idea that routers work better in the open, the OnHub comes with a limited amount of ports to minimise unnecessary cluttering. Google also paired up with 24 designers to inject their creative flavours into the design.

On top of looking like an expensive piece of art, the OnHub is extremely user-friendly. Set up, monitor and control the router via the Google On app. It offers a myriad of features such as network maps, ability to check on connectivity status of devices and even run speed tests.

Security Camera: Netatmo Welcome


Photo Credit: The inquirer

The Netamo Welcome is well-known for its sleek design and functionality too.

Incorporating advanced facial recognition technology, this security camera can be utilised for many purposes. It'll alert you when family members are home and even when a stranger is trying to break in. The night vision feature also ensures that it'll work in the dark. These alerts show up on your smartphone, ensuring that info is delivered timely for you to take the necessary action.

Coupled with wide field vision and remarkably detailed footage, this smart home gadget is well worth your investment.

While design may look simple, it's anything but boring. The matte aluminium gold exterior definitely ups the classiness of any decor. Elegant and slick, you'll find no problems incorporating it into the overall aesthetics of your home.

Lighting Panels: Nanoleaf Aurora light kit


Photo credit: YouTube

While we're all familiar with smart lighting like Phillips Hue, the Nanoleaf Aurora Light Kit is a great option too.

Great as a feature wall, these triangle LED light panels can be controlled using an iOS or Android device. You can even use voice control systems like Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri.

Its unique modular design makes it extremely versatile. Each kit comes with 9 panels for you to unleash your creativity. Preprogrammed colour-changing scenes allow these lights to match your mood. Personalise further by setting schedules for specific animations, or get the music add-on module. It'll change colours depending on the music being played.

With hues that are vivid and bright, they're definitely going to wow your guests. There's no doubt that it'll blend in seamlessly with your home's decor!

Smart Lock: igloohome Deadbolt 2S

smart digital lock

When it comes to smart locks, you've got two ends of the design spectrum to look at. Brands like August and Friday focus on the minimalistic end of things and forgo the keypad function altogether. However, products from Samsung and Yale may be too industrial-looking and bulky on your door.

The igloohome Deadbolt 2S finds the perfect middle ground. Its universal design is unapologetically stylish, and it is the slimmest smart deadbolt in the world. Standing at 11mm thickness for the front panel, it'll give your door that added sleek and futuristic vibe.

Functionality isn't compromised. With 3 modes of access (PIN code, Bluetooth Key, physical backup key), it allows you to grant access from anywhere in the world.

Jam-packed with features, the accompanying igloohome app allows you to do so much more. Got a visitor to let in? Create a One Time PIN code and share it via your chosen communicative platform. The PIN code expires once it's been used to ensure your home is secure after they leave. You can also view access logs for a greater peace of mind.

The best part of it all - it works offline! No need to worry about possible WiFi hacking or weak WiFi connectivity.

Firewall: CUJO Smart Firewall


Photo Credit: Engadget

If your heart skipped a beat when you saw the Google OnHub, the CUJO Smart Firewall is right up your alley.

Another smart home device designed to be seen, CUJO integrates seamlessly into your home decor while protecting your gadgets.

From desktops to mobile phones and other smart devices, the intelligent firewall will protect it against online threats. Of course, looking cute while doing so. Simply plug the CUJO into your router, download the app and activate the device. Voila!

The petite pot-looking gadget has LEDs that light up to alert you about its status. At a glance, you can tell when it's turned on, in standby mode and when the firmware is being updated. We're pretty sure no one will know this happy-face 'pot' is actually working its magic in your house!

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