Case Study - IoT Deadbolt - The Star Solution for Managing Properties in Large-Scale SFR Property Management

By Anabel | June 5, 2023

Meet John, a property manager for a large-scale single family rental portfolio of over a thousand properties scattered across multiple cities in the United States. Managing physical keys has always been an expensive and painful experience. John had been looking for an advanced access control system that could offer enhanced security features, improved efficiency, and customizable access options accessible from any location with seamless connectivity. He searched online and found the IoT Deadbolt – an innovative and comprehensive solution designed specifically for property managers like him.

smart digital lock

The IoT Deadbolt impressed John with its multiple access options, including time-sensitive PIN codes, Bluetooth keys, and physical backup keys. These options are all accessible through a secure web interface, enabling remote management and access to the lock using his smartphone from any location. The unique feature that allows for easy transition from a centrally managed lock to one controlled by the tenant remotely was a game-changer for John, providing him with flexibility and convenience.

smart digital lock

When John needed to hand over a home to a tenant at the start of their lease, he was pleased to find that the IoT Deadbolt leverages robust cellular technology, eliminating the need for WiFi or John to be physically onsite. This seamless handover process was hassle-free and saved him time and effort.

The IoT Deadbolt also provides John with a robust audit trail that tracks access to the lock, promoting accountability and providing forensic analysis capabilities in the event of an incident. This feature gives him peace of mind and ensures that he can monitor access to his property even when he's not physically present.

smart digital lock

For John's untenanted property, he can provide access to a realtor for showings or maintenance staff to repair and fix up the house before a handover. The IoT Deadbolt is always connected to the internet and allows John to accurately manage access remotely in real-time, ensuring that he is never inconvenienced and can efficiently manage his property from anywhere. With the IoT Deadbolt, John can rest assured that his property is secure and easily accessible to those who need it, while maintaining control and oversight over access.

By choosing the IoT Deadbolt, John has implemented a comprehensive access control solution that caters to all his property management needs. With its cutting-edge security features, seamless connectivity, and enhanced efficiency, accountability, and traceability, the IoT Deadbolt has proven to be the perfect solution for John's business. It has enabled him to optimize his team's resources, providing a superior tenant experience. With this solution in place, John now has a robust system that will facilitate his business's expansion from 1,000 properties in select cities to 5,000 properties nationwide in the coming year. The IoT Deadbolt has truly revolutionized John's business, empowering him to scale his operations and streamline his property management processes.

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