Comparing the Metal Gate Locks (Gate Lock vs. Rim Lock)

By igloohome | May 23, 2022

Key Fob Gate Lock

With the release of the Gate Lock, you might be wondering what the differences are between the models.

Fret not, we’ve done an overview for you to make things easier. Read on to find out if the Gate Lock is right for you!

Gate Lock vs Rim Lock (Highlights)


While most of the features remain, we've highlighted the key differences. Let's delve deeper into them.

Modes of access

If you’re looking for a biometric lock, the Gate Lock with fingerprint unlock is the ideal choice. Alternatively, you may opt for the Gate Lock without fingerprint access which offers the standard modes of access: PIN code, Bluetooth Key, RFID credentials and Physical backup keys.


While keeping to the sleek and modern design ethos, the Gate Lock with fingerprint features a fingerprint module that allows you to open your gate easily. Both the fingerprint and non-fingerprint version of the Gate Lock also keeps to a much more compact design as compared to the Rim Lock.


One of the biggest benefits of the Gate Lock is the Sequential Unlock feature.

This means you can unlock both your gate and door at the same time! This will definitely make it easier for you to get home when you use igloohome locks.

By using a valid fingerprint, PIN code, or RFID credential on your Gate Lock, it'll automatically trigger your door lock to unlock as well. Isn't that convenient!

The Gate Lock has a Quiet Unlock feature, which allows you to mute audio indicators while unlocking to prevent disturbance. Despite doing away with the Fire Alarm, it still has the Tamper Alarm, Intrusion Alarm, and Obstruction Alarm. These are key to greater peace of mind.

We've shared the main differences in this blog post but you can check out the Gate Lock page to find out more!

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