Contactless Key Handovers: How much CO2 could you save?

By Siddartha Butalia | April 19, 2024

At igloo we believe that if you make sharing assets easier, you take a small step to a sustainable future. Our products enable contactless and remote access for the sharing economy. Our customers use our smart locks to rent out homes, cars, boats, spaces and more. Through our algoPIN technology rental businesses can provide reliable pincode access from anywhere without any internet or wifi at the lock. This saves our customers (and sometimes their customers as well) countless hours and miles driven for physical key handovers. 

Take for example a vacation rental company that manages 500 homes, a self-storage company that manages multiple sites across distant regions, a car rental company with a distributed fleet of vehicles, or a property rental company with a portfolio in the thousands. Businesses at this scale are able to create a big impact when they switch over to contactless handovers using igloo smart locks. 

In the past year alone we as a company have issued over 10 million digital keys. Assuming each key accounts for a single handover trip to and fro with an average distance traveled of 1 mile (for simplicity of calculation) we would have saved 10 million miles of driving, or 4,000 tons of CO2.

What is 4,000 Tons of CO2 emissions equivalent to?

250 billion paper coffee cups manufactured…

1.2 billion plastic bags manufactured…

48 million plastic water bottles manufactured…

9,200 barrels of oil consumed…

And what would it take to capture 4,000 Tons of CO2?

You would need 4,800 acres of forests to grow in one year…

Play around with the values yourself and see how much CO2 you could be saving by switching over to a contactless key experience for your customers!

CO2 Emissions Calculator

Key handovers per day
Distance travelled per handovermiles
Kg of CO2 emmitted per mile driven0.4Kg/mile

Annual CO2 emission Savings 0 Tons of CO2

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