igloohome and Behome247: Elevating Property Management Efficiency

By Siddartha Butalia | January 30, 2024

In the fast-paced world of property management, where seamless coordination and efficiency are paramount, Behome247 stands out as a beacon of innovation. This dynamic platform simplifies property management for portfolios of all sizes, providing a flexible solution that takes you from the initial prospect stage to the final review. With real-time workflows, automated notifications, and the integration of smart devices, Behome247 offers a truly unified property management experience, removing barriers to growth with its scalable and flexible platform.

Unified Property Management with Behome247

Effortlessly managing rentals and reservations is a challenge that Behome247 takes head-on. Their platform connects every property, smart device, and reservation, providing unprecedented control over your assets. This seamless property automation ensures you never miss a step with real-time cleaning or maintenance workflows. Automated notifications keep you informed as tasks are completed, issues arise, or guests send messages, offering a level of convenience and control that sets Behome247 apart in the property management landscape.

The platform's integration with a network of smart home devices maximizes operational capabilities and reduces energy waste, aligning with the modern trend towards sustainable and efficient property management practices. Behome247's commitment to flexibility and scalability further positions it as a strategic choice for property managers looking to invest in a comprehensive platform from the start, removing potential growth barriers.

igloo: A Leading Smart Access Solutions Provider

Behind this powerful partnership is igloo, a leading smart access solutions provider based in Singapore. As the parent company of igloohome and iglooworks, igloo is renowned for its mission to create a world without keys and build smart ecosystems for properties worldwide. The company's extensive product line, sold in over 100 countries, and robust network of partnerships make it an industry frontrunner.

smart digital lock

Integration with Behome247

The collaboration between igloohome and Behome247 brings together the strengths of two industry leaders to offer a strong access solution for property management.

One major product of ours is the Keybox 3, which provides secure sharing with PIN codes or Bluetooth, catering to different user preferences and various access needs. The unique algoPIN™ technology allows users to generate time-bound access through PIN codes automatically from the Behome247 platform, eliminating the need for a constant Wi-Fi connection. This is a game-changer, reducing costs for managers and owners while ensuring reliable and secure access.

igloohome's Keybox 3, known for its secure and convenient access features, particularly shines during the unattended and showing phase. It caters to property managers who may have to manage traditional hard keys or are not ready to fully transition to smart locks. It’s easy enough to install so Property Managers can move it to a new listing when one has been closed. Due to its large storage capacity and versatile mounting options, it can accommodate a wide range of access credentials such as cards, fobs or garage door remotes etc.

smart digital lock

smart digital lock

The integration is provided via the Behome247 platform and serves as a one-stop location where end users can seamlessly connect their igloohome locks to Behome247. The integration offers a hardware solution without expensive upfront buy-in costs, making it an attractive option for property managers.

"It's a reliable, robust, and scalable solution that revolutionizes the way property managers operate."

says Hoggard, emphasizing the transformative impact of the igloohome and Behome247 partnership.

In conclusion, the partnership between igloohome and Behome247 brings forth a comprehensive and efficient property management solution that combines cutting-edge smart access technology with a flexible and scalable platform. As the industry continues to evolve, this collaboration sets a new standard for property managers seeking reliability, security, and convenience in their day-to-day operations.

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