"Which lock should I get for my main door and metal gate?"

This is something we get asked on a daily basis. Starting your foray into the world of smart locks can be daunting for the uninitiated, but we're here to help make it easier. 

With the release of our Rim Lock for metal gates, we've come up with bundles to take care of your front door needs. 

The Rim Lock comes with a Key Fob, which lets you unlock your igloohome locks with just a click of a button. You'll receive one complimentary fob, but can always purchase more for the whole family at SGD$45 a pop!


Key fob with mounting bracket, Smart Rim Lock for metal gates

Sounds good? Let's dive into the bundles that'll cater to your needs!

For the tech-savvy household

Locks: Rim Lock & Smart Mortise 2+ 

Highlights: Fingerprint authentication

Your finger is the key.

mortise-fingerprint-mobileFingerprint module on the Smart Mortise 2+ 

Apart from having a slew of access modes, the Mortise 2+ features the highly-requested fingerprint authentication feature for ease of unlocking. You won't have to fuss with physical keys or worry about your family members or yourself losing them, and having to change out the lock. 

For the newlyweds


Locks: Rim Lock & Smart Mortise 2

Highlights: All-in-one solution 

Smart home starter kit


For new couples who've gotten keys to their new home, this bundle is a great start to creating a smart home. 

Priced more affordably, couples can still experience convenience without burning a hole in their wallet. 

Despite not having the fingerprint module, the Mortise 2 still offers an array of access modes such as PIN codes, Bluetooth keys, RFID key tags and stickers. 

Hint: The bundle also makes as a good housewarming gift for your newlywed friends! 

For those who're refreshing their homes


Locks: Rim Lock & Smart Deadbolt 2S Metal Grey 

Highlights: Sleek aesthetics, packed with features

Enough to rival the big boys

There's always time to value-add to what you already have! 

Current doors with handles can be refreshed with the addition of the Deadbolt 2S when getting your gate fitted with the Rim Lock. Keeping to a sleek and minimalistic aesthetic, the Deadbolt 2S will fit any decor. 

The Deadbolt 2S is also jam-packed with essential features to give you greater peace of mind when it comes to security and convenience. 

You'll get to enjoy the benefits of going keyless without having to change out the entire door. That's living smart. 


Here's some good news for you! From now till end June 2021, you get to enjoy this limited-time only promotions when you buy these bundles: 

Locks Bundles (Door/ Gate)

Access Modes

Bundled Pricing

Mortise 2+/ Rim Lock

Fingerprint/ PIN codes/ Bluetooth Keys/ RFID tags & stickers/ Physical Keys

$1,169 ($1,348)

Mortise 2/ Rim Lock

PIN codes/ Bluetooth Keys/ RFID tags & stickers/ Physical Keys

$1,079 ($1,268)

Deadbolt 2S Metal Grey/ Rim Lock

PIN codes/ Bluetooth Keys/ RFID tags & stickers/ Physical Keys

$909 ($1,074)

If you need more information, feel free to drop us an email at info@igloohome.co. We'll be happy to help!