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The smartest features you didn't know our Deadbolt 02 had!

By igloohome | July 23, 2017

The oldest invention for the lock and key dates back to the 6th century BC. Believe it or not, back in the days, the wealthy Romans were the only ones who used locks and keys. It kept their valuable jewellery and money secured in boxes in their homes. In today's context, almost everyone has at least one physical lock to protect their valuables and homes from unwanted visitors. Indeed, times has passed and things have changed.

Today, each smart lock has up to multiple modes of access. What has worked out today were features classified as merely wildly creative in the past. Did it ever cross your mind that your smart lock could have some really cool features you never knew? Well igloohomies, you're in luck today! You probably never knew the Smart Deadbolt 02 had these smart and cool features. Check them out below!

Deadbolt 02 smart features:


Check out our Youtube videos to watch how some of these features are done:

Check out these features: Decoy PIN code (at 2:12), Security lockout mode (at 2:27), Battery 9V jumpstart (at 2:58), Activity log (at 3:20)

Find out how to change generated duration and permanent PINs

Try out how to enable/disable the privacy lockout mode!

Discover how to change master PIN code (at 0:05)

Now, go on and check out these amazing features in your Bolt 02! Managing your home has never been simpler. We hope that this has been interesting for you so far and stay tuned for upcoming products.

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