Using the igloohome Deadbolt & Mortise

By igloohome | August 29, 2018

igloohome Smart Locks

The igloohome smart locks & lockboxes help people manage their homes and properties via time-sensitive PIN codes and Bluetooth keys. The smart lock line includes the Deadbolt 2S and Mortise, designed for granting access to guests remotely. If you've gotten our locks or want to know more on how to use the Deadbolt 2S & Mortise, just read on!


igloohome Deadbolt 2S Metal Grey


igloohome Mortise 2+

Accompanied by the igloohome app, you can do more with your lock than just letting people in and out of your home. Airbnb hosts can sync your Airbnb account with the igloohome smart lock for automated PIN generation. No more awkward key exchanges as guests can do self-check-ins and outs of your property.

The igloohome line of smart locks works offline so you don't have to worry about WiFi hacking or weak WiFi connectivity.

Modes of Access

Deadbolt 2S Metal Grey

smart digital lock

The Deadbolt can be unlocked 3 ways: PIN codes, via Bluetooth keys and physical keys.

The physical keys are included as a backup mode of access. Should all else fail, the physical keys will override it for you to enter your home.


smart digital lock

The Mortise has additional modes of access as compared to the Deadbolt. On top of PIN codes, Bluetooth keys and physical keys, it comes with RFID tags and stickers. The Mortise 2+ also offers fingerprint as an option.

The key tags & stickers are easy to carry around. Simply tap them on the card reader of the Mortise and your door is unlocked!

What can be done remotely?

Issuing PIN codes

You can issue PIN codes to guests anywhere, anytime via the igloohome app. While the app requires an Internet connection, you don't have to be near your property or lock for the lock to recognise the generated code. We've discussed how our locks offline previously.

You can send the PIN codes via any communicative app of your choice. There isn't a need for guests to download the igloohome app to receive the PIN codes, making it even more convenient.

Types of PIN codes

When creating a PIN code, you can select the type of PIN you want to issue:

One-Time PIN codes

As the name suggests, One-Time PIN codes can only be used once. They expire once they've been used, keeping your property safe after your guest leaves.

You may issue this type of PIN codes in instances where one time access is required. Think deliveries, cleaning and maintenance services - you won't have to be home to let these service providers in. They do not have repeated access too since the PIN codes are rendered invalid once they've been accepted by your smart lock.

Duration PIN codes

You can also issue time-sensitive PIN codes. These are especially useful for short-term rental home hosts. If you have guests who've booked your listing, you can choose the exact time and date to coincide with their check-in and check-out details.

Duration PIN codes are only valid for a set period of time. Once the end date and time has passed, access is revoked. Similar to One-Time PIN codes, guests will not have repeated access to your property after that.

Permanent PIN codes

Permanent PIN codes are for you to issue to family members and trusted friends. They are able to reuse the code until you revoke access. You'll be able to track who unlocked your door as their names will be tied to the generated PIN code too.

Activating your PIN codes

All PIN codes will need to be activated within the timeframe:-

One-time PIN: Must be used within 6 hours after creation
Permanent PIN: Must be used within 24 hours after creation to activate the PIN
Duration PIN: Must be used within 24 hours of the start time to activate the PIN
Bluetooth key: Must be used within 1 hour after creation to activate the PIN

Issuing Bluetooth keys

Bluetooth keys can also be issued remotely. Similarly, these keys can be created for guests or family members. However, using this mode of access will require the recipient to download the igloohome app to unlock the door from their smartphone.

Viewing Bluetooth Access Logs

Greater peace of mind

If you want to get immediate updates on when your door was unlocked, simply issue Bluetooth keys to your guests. This mode of access sends notifications in real-time so you get a greater peace of mind.

Away from home? No problem. As long as your phone is connected to the Internet, you'll be updated every time your door grants access via Bluetooth unlocking.

Automated check-ins & outs

igloohome is an official partner of Airbnb. As mentioned earlier, hosts can sync the Airbnb calendar to the smart lock for automatic generation of PIN codes for guests. You don't have to worry about awkward key handovers, lost keys or guests being locked out again.

Mobile App sync with Airbnb

Once a booking is confirmed, your igloohome smart lock emails a unique PIN code to the respective guest. The PIN code is valid for the duration of the stay and automatically expires at the end of it. New PIN codes are generated for each new booking, ensuring the security of your property.

What can be done in Bluetooth range?

Bluetooth keys will need to be used within Bluetooth range to unlock the door. You'll be updated in real time when Bluetooth keys are being used as mentioned above. If real-time access logs are crucial, we recommend issuing Bluetooth keys instead.

Access logs can be updated when you're within Bluetooth range. All other modes of access will be reflected in the log once the master owner unlocks the door via Bluetooth too.

Editing of Master PIN codes, PIN names and PIN digits can also be done when you're within Bluetooth range. Additionally, you can sync the time of your smartphone and smart lock in Bluetooth range to ensure PIN codes work properly.

Battery status is updated only within Bluetooth range too, giving you an estimate of battery life before you'll need to replace them.

We hope this post gives you clarity on how you can better use your igloohome smart lock. If you have any further queries, feel free to drop us an email at