What you should consider when getting a digital door lock

By igloohome | November 9, 2020

Thinking of getting a digital door lock? The wide range and options can be an overwhelming experience if this is your first foray into smart home gadgets. Did you know that there were many factors to consider? What exactly are these factors you should have in mind before settling on a digital door lock for your home?

We're sharing the top considerations for finding a digital lock that meets your needs in this article.

What access modes would suit you best?

We've gone through the different types of access you can find in digital and smart locks. But what exactly will make life easier for you?

The most common of them all are PIN codes. No fussing with keys, simply punch in a set of numbers and you're good to go!

igloohome locks allow you to generate time-sensitive PIN codes which are especially useful if you have a part-time cleaner, petsitter or the like that comes by occasionally and doesn't require full-time access to your home. It also ensures that access is only granted for the stipulated time frame to keep your home secure.

If you want access to be a no-brainer, fingerprint access may be best suited for you. It's a seamless experience when access is at your fingertips. However, do take note that dry hands or undefined fingerprints may not work in your favour with this mode.

In that case, bluetooth-enabled digital locks may work better. You'll just need either a smartphone or a key fob to unlock your door!

Personally, RFID tags and stickers are my preferred modes of entry. Stuck to the back of my phone, I simply tap the sticker to unlock my door - just like making contactless payments that I'm so accustomed to these days.

What kind of door do you have?

The most common type of entrance for residential homes in Singapore is the wooden door and metal gate.

Ideally, your door should have a flat surface and have a wide enough gap between your main door and metal gate when both are closed.

Some doors/gates require more adjustments and modifications to be done for the installation of a digital lock, which may end up incurring quite a significant sum.

Additionally, most gates need to be customised for a digital lock installation, so it's best to seek a professional for this to check if the lock that you want can be installed on your door/gate.

To learn more about how to evaluate door compatibility, you can read our guide here.

What kind of features do you need?

Some digital door locks are simple, with only the basic features, while some are fancy and advanced.

Depending on what your needs are, see which features will be most useful for you and the people in your household. If you have kids or pets in the household, features such as a child/pet-proof safety button would be useful to prevent them from easily opening the door.

If you expect to have many guests over to your home, it may be useful to get a lock that has a one-time visitor code feature that allows your guests to enter your home easily.

If you want to obtain maximum security for your home, there are digital locks available with tamper alarm systems, keypad security lockout, scramble code and auto-lock features that can give you a better peace of mind.

What is your budget?

Needless to say, the price of the lock should be an important consideration. There are smart and digital door locks available for every kind of budget and it really depends on how much you are willing to invest in one.

That being said, there are certain features that can't be compromised on such as security and durability. It is important to see that the basic functions of the lock can be delivered well and that you get the most bang for your buck.

How long is the warranty?

As with all digital gadgets, it is important to consider the number of years of warranty that the digital lock comes with in the event of any defects.

Having a longer warranty period will make you feel more assured knowing that you can always fix up any issues you have with your lock without having to fork out large sums of money.

While the journey of searching for the best lock may seem like an overwhelming process, the increased convenience and security that you will enjoy at the end of the day will make it all worth it!