Smart home trends of 2020

By igloohome | August 24, 2020

As technology improves at a breakneck speed, homes are increasingly becoming more interactive and automated. These days, homeowners can perform mundane tasks around the house without getting off the couch thanks to smart home gadgets and integrations. As they get used to the new way of life, homeowners are now altering their homes to be more convenient, economical and secure.

There's no doubt that smart homes are here for the long haul. Current trends in the smart home technology sector change according to consumer preferences and here's what we've observed in 2020 thus far.

1. Increased sustainability/going green


Credit: Citrus Sleep

Now more than ever, homeowners value efficiency and sustainable living. Common devices such as smart thermostats have features to help reduce electricity consumption. However, there's way more that you can do aside from monitoring the temperature indoors.

This year, we've seen a rise in solutions such as smart sprinklers and occupancy sensors. Not only will you save on your water bills and bring your electricity consumption down, you'll also transform your smart home into an eco-friendly one!

Moving forward, we predict that smart homes will spearhead the green living initiative, making homes more energy efficient.

2. Smart homes getting smarter: Machine learning


Credit: Bloomberg

We know, we know. The term "smart" has been thrown around a lot just because a device is connected to the internet or to other gadgets. But that doesn't make it truly smart. At the very least, it makes lives more convenient when lights go off automatically or your door re-locks on its own when shut.

That's all about to change. We're seeing more devices incorporating intelligent processing and acquiring new data from the user for further improvement and learning. Think Jarvis from Ironman, we like how that sounds!

Smart home gadgets are now capable of recognising patterns, thus having the ability to predict your behaviour based on historical data. It understands your intentions at any given moment and reacts accordingly to save you time and energy.

In 2020, we expect to see AI-based technology such as facial recognition increasingly incorporated into home security systems. Improvements in natural language processing tools in Alexa or Google Home will also increase accuracy rates when executing routine commands.

3. Smart Furniture


Credit: The Tresor

As consumers incorporate smart locks, lights, thermostats and more into their homes, it's no surprise that furniture and appliances are also becoming technologically-advanced to keep up.

From smart kitchen devices to living room furniture, we're expecting this trend to blow up in years to come!

Here are some of our favourites:

  • Smart sit-stand table by Smartfurniture
    Adjustable to any height via an app, the smart sit-stand table allows the user to save and assess preferred settings. It also notes how long you've sat at the table and sends an alert if you've been sedentary for too long!

  • The Smart AirDresser from Samsung 
    This wardrobe uses air and steam to freshen your clothes and lets you select your choice of cleaning program via the app.

  • Family Hub refrigerator from Samsung 
    Samsung seems to be on a roll this year! The fridge even includes an AI-enhanced LCD screen and comes with Bixby.

4. Enhanced Security

smart digital lock

Undoubtedly one of the biggest trends this year, smart locks are seeing a surge in not just homes but the in the real estate industry. We're certain you know the benefits of going keyless, but the pandemic has also changed the way we live and work.

Contactless showings are a new norm for realtors and smart locks facilitate this process. There's no need for realtors and home buyers to meet for key handovers, minimizing touch points.

There are an increasing amount of smart lock manufacturers in the market and yearly, newer models and additional features are being released. Some example of these features include: allowing remote access to your home, creation of new PINs and Bluetooth keys remotely, viewing access logs of your home, security lockout mode, tamper alarms and many more!

Additionally, the vast majority of these locks are not only just beautifully designed, but are also compatible with various applications and other smart devices like smart hubs, such as Amazon Alexa or Echo.

5. Smart devices increasing the value of properties


Credit: Batar Inha

With the proliferation of smart home products, consumers are increasingly aware of the benefits of smart home devices. Hence, making smart homes highly sought after.

80% of home buyers surveyed prefer homes that are equipped with smart technology. Additionally, it's been reported that property values can be increased by 5% should these features be available in a home. It's no wonder that property developers across many countries in recent years have been making smart homes a selling point for their new developments.

When there is demand for smart homes, you can bet that home automation systems are going to facilitate in closing the sale. It's a great differentiating factor. Often, it raises the home value in terms of appeal. Some may even say that these devices are expected and necessary when it comes to purchasing a home. Interested in learning more? You can read more about how smart homes add value to your property here.

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