Which vacation rental site should you use if you're a host?
28 Aug, 2018   |   Airbnb, Tips

If you've decided to dabble in short-term vacation rental hosting, this is the post for you. ... Read More

5-star review
Want a 5-Star Review on your Airbnb Listing? Here's how
24 Jul, 2018   |   Airbnb, Tips

We know its imperative to Airbnb hosts to get that 5-star rating from guests. When it comes to service, Airbnb allows you to put your personal flavour to ensure your guests enjoy their stay with you. Accommodation sometimes does make or break a vacation. ... Read More

Spare bedroom
Spare bedroom? Here are some ideas for you
18 May, 2018   |   Airbnb, Renovation, Design, Home Improvement

Picture this: you’re in your new home, all the pieces are coming together - but wait - what about that extra space or room you ignored? You had no idea what to do with it then! This isn’t just a headache for new homeowners. You could have a barely-used room; or maybe your children moved out, leaving an empty space behind. ... Read More

How smart access helps with co-living
How Smart Access Helps with Co-living & Co-working Spaces
4 May, 2018   |   Airbnb, Locks, Smart Home, Tips, Home Automation, Home Improvement, In the Media, Smart Lock

In the era of the sharing economy, everything from bikes, to homes, to office space are being shared. Smart access is changing the landscape of co-living and co-working spaces. This sort of integration allows us to do more with less - making convenience a key factor in the way we work and play. ... Read More

using the igloohome smart keybox
Using the igloohome Smart Keybox
28 Apr, 2018   |   Airbnb, How it Works, Locks, Smart Keybox, Home Automation, Home Improvement

The igloohome Smart Keybox is a smart lockbox that stores keys, access cards and more for easy retrieval. Designed for short-term rental hosts, home and property owners, the Smart Keybox serves as 24/7 reception for guest arrival. ... Read More

Being business travel ready
Being Business Travel Ready on Airbnb - What's It About?
3 Mar, 2017   |   Airbnb, Smart Keybox, Smart Lock

There is buzz in the Airbnb world, and it stems from the catchphrase - being business travel ready. So what's it all about actually? ... Read More

igloohome at Airbnb Open in Los Angeles
5 Dec, 2016   |   Airbnb, Event, Smart Keybox

The igloohome team had an absolute blast at Airbnb Open in Los Angeles on 17-19 Nov 16! As a partner of Airbnb, we were very excited to launch our new product - the igloohome Smart Keybox. ... Read More

Keybox 2
The World's First Smart Lockbox
21 Oct, 2016   |   Airbnb, Smart Keybox

The igloohome team has been hard at work over the past 6 months. ... Read More

The Benefits of Being a Short-Term Rental Host
10 Jan, 2016   |   Airbnb, Tips, Property

If you happen to be looking for a way to supplement your income, have you considered using your property to do so? Being a short term rental host can provide a substantial income, along with a variety of other benefits. ... Read More

Tips to Keep Your Airbnb Guests Happy
18 Dec, 2015   |   Airbnb, igloohome, Vacation Rentals, Smart Home, Tips, Home Automation

It’s estimated that a guest will tell roughly 20 people about their stay in a vacation rental, and even more if the stay did not meet expectations. And in today’s modern climate of international review sites, including Airbnb’s own review system, TripAdvisor, Google and Yelp, word of a “good” or “bad” vacation certainly reaches a much larger, global audience. ... Read More

How to Save Time, Money, and Energy With Your Rental Property
23 Oct, 2015   |   Airbnb, Keyless Access, Management, Technology, Vacation Rentals, Energy, Locks, Sensors, Smart Home, Tips, Property

The pace of life in the 21st century can certainly be fast, and everyone seems to be constantly pressed for time. Whether you are a property manager with years of experience or a home-owner renting out rooms on websites like Airbnb, upgrading your place to a smart home can not only save you time, but also energy and money. We first take a look at the struggles rental hosts face, then at how you can still get the most out of your rental property.  ... Read More