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Interior Design Ideas for 2018
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There might be space limitations when it comes to housing in Singapore and as a result, we've become quite good at optimising it. After blowing a considerable amount on an apartment, we just want a place to call home - somewhere to kick our feet up and relax after a long day at work.... Read More

10 Useful Singapore Websites for Home Renovation and Interior Design
  |   Renovation, Design

Home renovation and interior design - they're part of every new home owner's journey. If you're getting a place of your own, you're likely to be extremely enthusiastic about it because of the independence that comes with it. At the same time, the independence may be daunting when it comes down to how and where to start to make it your home though. Getting ideas for a home design theme, drawing up your renovation budget, choosing a contractor, selecting furniture - the list of to-dos goes on.... Read More

igloohome simplicity home designing
Simplicity is the New Sophistication
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Photo credits: Home Designing Modern minimalist design is becoming increasingly popular among many young professionals. This is evident not just from interior design trends, but also in consumption patterns of goods which can be categorised as such.... Read More