Tips For Your Next Property Upgrade
22 Mar, 2019   |   Home Improvement

There comes a time when you're struck by inspiration for most homeowners, and that's when you get excited about starting some upgrading and renovation works to spruce up your property. Upgrading your home will inevitably affect daily routines what with workers coming in and out or other projects you're embarking on to make your dream home a reality.  ... Read More

Best smart mortise 2018
Best Smart Mortise Locks of 2018
15 Jul, 2018   |   Locks, Home Automation, Home Improvement, Smart Lock, Smart Mortise

Convenience and a peace of mind are just some of the numerous benefits of going keyless. If you're looking to replace your entire lock cassette, then mortise locks are the way to go. They usually come with a handle attached so there is no need for separate installations. ... Read More

Smart home gadgets that work as well as they look
Smart Home Gadgets that work as well as they look
9 Jul, 2018   |   Design, Digital Lock, Home Automation, Home Improvement, Smart Deadbolt

It is without a doubt that smart home gadgets are here to stay. While we love the functionality of these gizmos, they aren't all created equal in terms of aesthetics. ... Read More

igloohome blog keybox 2 cash
Smart Keybox 2: When & Where To Use It
7 Jul, 2018   |   Technology, Locks, Smart Home, Smart Keybox, Digital Lock, Home Automation, Home Improvement, Case Studies

If you've been following us for awhile, you'll know that we have a Smart Keybox. The igloohome Smart Keybox was designed with the short-term vacation rental host in mind. Meant as your 24/7 receptionist, it eliminates the hassle of key handovers at awkward timings of the day.   ... Read More

Door compatibility guide and common door lock terms-1
Door Compatibility Guide & Common Terms - Switching to Smart Locks
2 Jul, 2018   |   Lock Installation, Smart Home, Digital Lock, Home Automation, Home Improvement, Smart Lock, Smart Deadbolt, Smart Mortise

Everyday we speak with customers who wonder if their doors are suitable for smart locks. While you can get the specifications on our website, we thought we'd dive deeper into door compatibility. If you're looking to install an igloohome smart lock, then this post will explain further for clarity. ... Read More

fathers day post
Father's Day Gift Guide!
12 Jun, 2018   |   Technology, Smart Home, Home Automation, Home Improvement, Gift Guides

Does daddy dearest have a mild or serious case of tech fever? With Fathers' Day around the corner, we've compiled a special gift guide so you don't have to think too hard. ... Read More

are you raya ready-1
Are you Raya ready?
7 Jun, 2018   |   Event, Home Improvement

For all Muslim friends, Hari Raya is just a stone-throw away from us! Are you ready to welcome the influx of guests and relatives this visiting period? ... Read More

Home cleaning tips for everyone-1
Home Cleaning Tips for Everyone
1 Jun, 2018   |   Tips, Home Improvement

A clean house does not only help to keep the germs away but also keeps you healthy. It's important to clean your house in the right way and organize it well to make it look good. It may seem like a daunting task especially if you've been putting it off for a while, but good news! It isn't as tedious as you'd imagine. The key is to follow a set routine. ... Read More

Top smart podcast to tune in to
Top Smart Home Podcasts you should tune in to
30 May, 2018   |   Technology, Smart Home, Home Automation, Home Improvement

Podcasts provide information in the form of episodes via digital audio. It's just like listening to the radio, except there's minimal singing in these ones. They allow us to easily process a large amount of information on the go. Podcasts are also hugely popular in the US and it's easier than ever to find a suitable topic of interest. ... Read More

Spare bedroom
Spare bedroom? Here are some ideas for you
18 May, 2018   |   Airbnb, Renovation, Design, Home Improvement

Picture this: you’re in your new home, all the pieces are coming together - but wait - what about that extra space or room you ignored? You had no idea what to do with it then! This isn’t just a headache for new homeowners. You could have a barely-used room; or maybe your children moved out, leaving an empty space behind. ... Read More

How smart access helps with co-living
How Smart Access Helps with Co-living & Co-working Spaces
4 May, 2018   |   Airbnb, Locks, Smart Home, Tips, Home Automation, Home Improvement, In the Media, Smart Lock

In the era of the sharing economy, everything from bikes, to homes, to office space are being shared. Smart access is changing the landscape of co-living and co-working spaces. This sort of integration allows us to do more with less - making convenience a key factor in the way we work and play. ... Read More

using the igloohome smart keybox
Using the igloohome Smart Keybox
28 Apr, 2018   |   Airbnb, How it Works, Locks, Smart Keybox, Home Automation, Home Improvement

The igloohome Smart Keybox is a smart lockbox that stores keys, access cards and more for easy retrieval. Designed for short-term rental hosts, home and property owners, the Smart Keybox serves as 24/7 reception for guest arrival. ... Read More

5 must-have home gadgets you need-1
5 Must-Have Smart Home Gadgets You Need
23 Apr, 2018   |   Home Automation, Home Improvement, Smart Lock

From the beginning of laptops and smartphones, it is no longer a dream when it comes to digitizing your house. Think air-conditioners turning on when you enter, or having the coffee machine work automatically at a set time; we are in the age of convenience at our fingertips. ... Read More

What is the best smart lock
Which is the best smart lock?
29 Mar, 2018   |   Locks, Smart Home, Digital Lock, Home Automation, Home Improvement, Smart Lock

When it comes to smart locks, we cannot say which are the best ones in the market; only which smart lock is the best for you. Keep in mind that there are many variables to take into consideration such as modes of access, reliability, convenience and security just to name a few. ... Read More

igloohome partners up with Sansiri
16 Mar, 2018   |   News, Smart Home, Digital Lock, Home Automation, Home Improvement, In the Media, Smart Lock

[Press Release] ... Read More