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Introducing the Deadbolt 2S Metal Grey
21 Oct, 2019   |   Keyless Access, Smart Home, Smart Lock, Smart Deadbolt

In case you didn't know, we just launched the Smart Deadbolt 2S in Metal Grey! Keeping to the sleek and minimalistic exterior of the Smart Deadbolt 2S, the latest version comes with improved features for greater convenience.  ... Read More

How igloohome works offline
How the igloohome Smart Digital Lock Works Offline
15 Jun, 2016   |   igloohome, Keyless Access, How it Works, Smart Lock

Here at igloohome, we often get curious customers asking us how our smart digital lock works. Being able to grant access to guests from an app at any time? Sure, but wouldn't the lock need to be connected online? Our answer is no - although it appears to defy logic, our igloohome smart digital lock does not need an internet connection to function. ... Read More

How to Save Time, Money, and Energy With Your Rental Property
23 Oct, 2015   |   Airbnb, Keyless Access, Management, Technology, Vacation Rentals, Energy, Locks, Sensors, Smart Home, Tips, Property

The pace of life in the 21st century can certainly be fast, and everyone seems to be constantly pressed for time. Whether you are a property manager with years of experience or a home-owner renting out rooms on websites like Airbnb, upgrading your place to a smart home can not only save you time, but also energy and money. We first take a look at the struggles rental hosts face, then at how you can still get the most out of your rental property.  ... Read More