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Smart Keybox 2: When & Where To Use It
7 Jul, 2018   |   technology, Locks, smart home, Smart Keybox, Digital Lock, Home Automation, Home improvement, Case Studies, rss-keybox

If you've been following us for awhile, you'll know that we have a Smart Keybox. The igloohome Smart Keybox was designed with the short-term vacation rental host in mind. Meant as your 24/7 receptionist, it eliminates the hassle of key handovers at awkward timings of the day.   ... Read More

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Using the igloohome Smart Keybox
28 Apr, 2018   |   airbnb, How it works, Locks, Smart Keybox, Home Automation, Home improvement, rss-keybox

The igloohome Smart Keybox is a smart lockbox that stores keys, access cards and more for easy retrieval. Designed for short-term rental hosts, home and property owners, the Smart Keybox serves as 24/7 reception for guest arrival. ... Read More

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Customer Reviews of the igloohome Smart Keybox
26 Apr, 2017   |   customer feedback, Smart Keybox, Featured, Featured Keybox, rss-keybox

Since its launch, the igloohome Smart Keybox has been shipped to over 50 countries around the world! We caught up with some of our customers and partners to get their reviews of the Keybox, and here's what some of them have said: ... Read More