Sustainable & Smart Homes: Trends that will dominate in 2019
11 Feb, 2019   |   Technology, Smart Home

In the face of rapid climate change and diminishing natural resources, every industry under the sun is trying to make amends by adapting and introducing smarter, greener options for contemporary home owners. We are doing our best to reduce our carbon footprint in every step of the production and design process, to opt for durable items that are in line with our long-term needs, and to choose green over nature-harming materials. ... Read More

Smart Gadgets for the Elderly
6 Sep, 2018   |   Technology, Smart Home, Home Automation, Smart Lock, Smart Mortise

An ageing population is not uncommon in a number of developed countries around the world. ... Read More

Should you get a WiFi-enabled or Non-WiFi-enabled Smart Lock?
7 Aug, 2018   |   Technology, Locks, Digital Lock

The array of smart locks available may scare a beginner away. It's hard to make a decision when choosing to switch over to keyless locks when bombarded with tech jargon and specifications. While the basics are easy to understand, many aren't aware of the differences between WiFi-enabled and non-WiFi-enabled smart locks. ... Read More

igloohome blog keybox 2 cash
Smart Keybox 2: When & Where To Use It
7 Jul, 2018   |   Technology, Locks, Smart Home, Smart Keybox, Digital Lock, Home Automation, Home Improvement, Case Studies

If you've been following us for awhile, you'll know that we have a Smart Keybox. The igloohome Smart Keybox was designed with the short-term vacation rental host in mind. Meant as your 24/7 receptionist, it eliminates the hassle of key handovers at awkward timings of the day.   ... Read More

fathers day post
Father's Day Gift Guide!
12 Jun, 2018   |   Technology, Smart Home, Home Automation, Home Improvement, Gift Guides

Does daddy dearest have a mild or serious case of tech fever? With Fathers' Day around the corner, we've compiled a special gift guide so you don't have to think too hard. ... Read More

Smart home trends whats in
Smart Home Trends: What's In?
5 Jun, 2018   |   Technology, Smart Home

The Smart Home sector is one of the fastest growing markets. With new disruptive technology releases every day, it can be hard to keep up with it all. We're becoming increasingly dependant on smart home devices, thus fueling their popularity. Here are some trends to watch, and even jump on! ... Read More

Top smart podcast to tune in to
Top Smart Home Podcasts you should tune in to
30 May, 2018   |   Technology, Smart Home, Home Automation, Home Improvement

Podcasts provide information in the form of episodes via digital audio. It's just like listening to the radio, except there's minimal singing in these ones. They allow us to easily process a large amount of information on the go. Podcasts are also hugely popular in the US and it's easier than ever to find a suitable topic of interest. ... Read More

Beginners guide to home automation
A Beginner's Guide to Home Automation
28 May, 2018   |   Technology, Smart Home, Home Automation

The idea of a smart home may have been a far-fetched one decades ago. With the proliferation of new smart home tech bursting into the scene now, turning your home into a smart one has never been easier. ... Read More

5 tech review sites
5 Best Review Sites for Tech Gadgets
14 May, 2018   |   Technology

Nearly every day, a lot of products are developed and released. Overloaded with an abundance of information, we often find it hard to make the best decisions. Consumers are quick to believe that products match the descriptions as advertised – but what happens if it doesn’t? ... Read More

How to Save Time, Money, and Energy With Your Rental Property
23 Oct, 2015   |   Airbnb, Keyless Access, Management, Technology, Vacation Rentals, Energy, Locks, Sensors, Smart Home, Tips, Property

The pace of life in the 21st century can certainly be fast, and everyone seems to be constantly pressed for time. Whether you are a property manager with years of experience or a home-owner renting out rooms on websites like Airbnb, upgrading your place to a smart home can not only save you time, but also energy and money. We first take a look at the struggles rental hosts face, then at how you can still get the most out of your rental property.  ... Read More